How Church Directories Build Community

Jun 11


Olan Mills

Olan Mills

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Have you ever wondered why your church should create a pictorial church directory? Church directories help build a stronger church community in a number of ways. Read this article to learn ten ways a church directory can enhance your church community.


In today’s technologically advanced society,How Church Directories Build Community  Articles it can be difficult to unplug and establish meaningful relationships. Churches bring together people from different backgrounds, but finding ways to help members establish meaningful relationships can be a challenge. Building a strong sense of community is important to many congregations, but how can churches accomplish this? Church directories help congregations connect members, retain members and grow.

10 Ways a Church Directory Enhances Community

Church leaders aim to connect people with God, your church and with each other, and church directories one way to help build a stronger church community.

1.    Connects names with faces. Whether your congregation is large or small, you’re bound to have members who don’t know each other very well. By providing portraits in your church directory, people can easily connect names with faces.

2.    Serves as a gift for newcomers. Church leaders can show that they are committed to providing members with a welcoming environment in which to worship.

3.    Encourages church attenders to become church members. Sometimes church attendees need incentive to become church members. With a church directory, you can encourage attendees to become members by proving to them that your church encourages interaction between members and is working towards building a strong church community.

4.    Builds a church that’s more personal and intimate. From young couples to senior members, your church members want to worship in an environment that is welcoming and offers them a sense of belonging.

5.    Tells the ministry’s story and communicates your church vision. Communicating your church vision encourages members to support your mission and they feel connected to the community by understanding what your ministry stands for.

6.    A great tool to recognize special times. Building a stronger community is more than just connecting names with faces. It also means communicating to church members the milestones in your community, including anniversaries or new buildings or ministries.

7.    Demonstrates church growth and makes everyone aware of staff changes.

8.    Creates lasting memories and quality family portraits.

9.    Keeps current church members engaged. As your congregation grows, it can become more difficult to keep current church members engaged. A church directory helps current members get to know new members.

10. Great tool for staff members. It’s important that the staff at your church knows who is who. Church directoriesenable your staff members to easily match names with faces, as well as recognize and greet church members when they come to services.

Grow your church congregation and encourage members to interact with and get to know each other. Use church directories to build a stronger church community.