Method To Fix Google One Is Not Working

Jun 10


Tom Cruss

Tom Cruss

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Google one has become very famous in just a few months because it shares the storage of Google photos, Gmail & Google drive.


It comes with the best membership plans after every Google user can avail it after completing their 15 GB. But,Method To Fix Google One Is Not Working Articles sometimes, lots of users have raised some issues with Google One so if your Google one is not working and searching reliable & quick solution so just follow the below-given instructions and learn how to fix google one not working?: 

Solutions to fix google one not working:

Solution 1: Clear All the cache:

Tap on the settings and click on the storage option.

Then, choose the Apps option and select Google one from the list.

Touch the clear cache button.

After then, reboot your device and open the Google one app.

Solution 2: Update Google One App:

Open Google pay or Apple store.

Click on the 'My App & Games'

Select Google one app.

Tap on the Update button. (If update is available there)

Solution 3: Check WIFI connection:

Touch on the 'Settings' icon.

Choose 'Wireless & Networks'.

Tap on the 'Wi-Fi' option.

Turn ON the wireless connection.

If you are not using the internet with a wireless connection so also, check the mobile data connection.

Solution 4: Clear All the App Data:

Tap on the settings.

Click on the Apps or Application Manager.

Press the Google One App.

Hit on the 'Storage' option.

Touch the Clear data button.

Solution 5: Re-install the Google One:

Again, go to the google play store or apple store.

Under the ‘Apps & Games', just type Google one.

Then, tap on the uninstall button.

And after uninstallation, just re-install the Google one.

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