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The biggest ... that ... Overture from other search engines is that you can bid on certain search words or phrases. You only pay based on how many times your link is clicked when someone

The biggest difference that separates Overture from other search engines is that you can bid on certain search words or phrases. You only pay based on how many times your link is clicked when someone searches for a particular word on which you have made a bid. This is the ultimate in targeted advertising. You are setting the price you are willing to pay to get a customer to your website. Chances are,Guest Posting anyone who clicks on your link has an interest in what your site is offering.

Another great feature of Overture is the ability to see how often a certain word or phrase is searched in a given month. This is a great way to help identify keywords that are important to your site. Often you will see keywords listed that you never would have thought of using. You can find how often words are searched by going to

Here's how it works:

Type in the phrase 'home business opportunity' without the quotes. You'll see how many times the phrase was searched for the most recent month in which they have available data.

Now, type into your browser and enter 'home business opportunity' without the quotes as your search term. You will see what each person is paying to receive traffic for this keyword. Every time someone clicks on his link from that search, it costs the owner of that link whatever price they have bid.

There's a trick to getting cost effective advertising at Overture.
Here's the secret. Go to the the page I listed above that lets you see how many times a keyword or phrases were searched. Type in your keyword. You will get a list showing that term and possibly a few hundred related search terms. Print this page and keep it. Repeat this process for all your important keywords. You'll immediately notice that the top keywords have a lot of searches per month and the total numbers drop off quickly from the thousands to the hundreds and all the way down to words that may only get 8 or 9 searches per month.

Now here's the part you need to understand to get low cost targeted traffic to your website using Overture. Don't start at the top of the list. Start at the end. Print the page. Place a check by every possible keyword that applies to your site starting with those that are searched 5 or 6 times per month and working your way back up the list. In most cases you won't even consider bidding on the top search terms as they will cost you a fortune. They key is that you can find hundreds if not thousands of individual search terms that while individually may only be searched 5-10 times per month, but if you multiply that by 200 search terms you are seeing total searches that equal between 1000-2000 per

Now here's why this works. Quite often you can get a #1 or at the very least, a page 1 top 5 ranking for almost ALL these keywords for $0.05. $0.05 is the Overture minimum bid. Let's put it another way. If you want to buy 2000 clicks in a month at Overture using the home word home business opportunity, for a top ranking, those 2000 clicks would currently cost you $2000+. Does this sound cost effective?

You can get those same 2000 clicks using multiple words that are related to 'business opportunity' for a lot less. Let's say you were paying $0.07 per click for 200 keywords, each of which gets 10 searches a month. 0.07 per click will still get you the top ranking for many of these keywords. The end result, those same 2000 clicks to your site have cost you $140. You decide. You can spend over $2000 or accomplish the exact same result for $100+. This is the key to using pay per click search engines

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