The Ten Commandments of Internet Marketing (Part One)

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by Craig Lock

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the Internet,Guest Posting and he won't bother you for weeks."- anon

Introductory Thoughts:

I hope that the following article based on our experiences may be informative and/or helpful in your online marketing.

A successful online business isn't built overnight; but is the result of many late nights. If anyone says that they can teach you to make a substantial amount of money without hard work, realize they are talking through "a hole in the head and are out of their trees".

After four and a half years doing it, here are my TEN COMMANDMENTS setting out how to conduct business online (in spite of the recent demise of so many "high-profile dot-bombs"- ready availability to large amounts of capital, I believe, can be a big disadvantage to the small/home business cyberentrepreneur):

*Now time to "get straight into it"...

1. Understand that technology should help you achieve your business and personal goals. It is merely a tool to move you forward with your vision: a "means to an end" to HELP and enable you, rather than being an end in itself, (or perhaps even be a disabler to "untechnos"like me). So make modern technology work to it's highest potential for you and your business. Spend time learning about various computer programmes and applications (hard though it may be for the 'technically challenged'). Then "use it repeatedly , so you don't lose it!" Accept that the vast majority of www. users are not "technofreaks" (like my "geek associate", Bill) and have great difficultylearning new computer procedures. Well, I certainly do (just ask Bill)!. However, by making a conscious effort and with discipline and effort the habit ingrained makes it easier and easier, as your confidence grows in leaps and bounds.

2. Don't take the competition for granted...and don't "knock" them. Never ever! Accept that no business can be the best in every facet. The convergence of computer,media, entertainment and communications means the underlying structures of the computer world will change rapidly and soon... or so my "technogeek" associate, Bill (not Gates) says. The TV/computer/music center is not far away, I hear.

The net is a world wide market-place, so don't be too zenophobic (now that's a really big word, that I tried very hard to bring in). I think many Americans (and New Zealanders too) think that theirs is the only country on earth in which to trade and is the centre of the world...and we're nearly falling off the bottom near Antarctica!

However, we can all compete fairly ("fairly") against the competition by transcending international boundaries on a "global level playing field" - whereby even the "little guys" can take on the big corporations around the world (except for their massive marketing budgets, of course!) . It may mean adjusting your marketing efforts to take into account some cultural differences (like my rather 'weird' sense of humour, or different spelling - although it's the same English language). However, I believe people around the world have more in common than their differences. Common aspirations, eg. security, to do their best for their children, etc. Enough philosophical digression, Craig...and back to your point...

Here in "Sleepy Hollow" (with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country) in little provincial New Zealand near the bottom of the world, we sell our various products around the globe in response to customer needs.

3. Consolidate your business by focusing on what you do best. Don't try to be "all things" to your customer, nor try to offer too many products. Concentrate on perfecting and marketing your "best sellers" in your CORE business activities. That is the area whichproduces the most profitable results for your organization.(remember the "80-20 rule" - 20% of your activities produces 80% of your results/profit and vice versa!). For us it's creative writing courses.

Now for one rather more philosophical...

4. Honour your parents, your teachers, your communities, your country and especially your family. Family is most precious of all and strong and stable family units make for a strong and stable country. Parenting, I believe is the most noble occupation of all - and parents want their children to be safe on line, so supervise them closely. Teach them responsibilityin internet usage... so they don't push your telephone bill sky high (as my dear boys do - but then that's the price of having and educating children - a tax on sex!). Teach your children well (as Crosby, Stills, Nash ... and Young used to sing so melodiously) and wisely. Let them learn that the net is a great EDUCATION tool for the present and the future and they could be learning "practical skills on the job" and preparing for a future technological career.

5. Do not send spam (sending masses of unsolicited e-mail) - under any circumstances. You are likely to be cut off by your server. I find it rather irritating receiving "mountains" of spam and simply delete all unsolicited e-mail selling products and services... and wouldn't you do likewise; because it just clutters up your mailbox

I hope this information may be helpful to you in your internet marketing.

Part Two to followCraig Lockhttp://www.craiglock.comCraig's various books (hard copies, CD's, "talking books" and e-books) are available at: and internet coaching CD's (practical and easy to use) are available at: OF PART ONE

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