Time-Proven Strategies That Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic For Free

Jul 5


Nickolay Bokhonok

Nickolay Bokhonok

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Today Internet has over ... web sites, and ... says that most of these web sites are DEAD - they do not get targeted web site traffic. Only targeted visitors give real online life to web


Today Internet has over 36,000,000 web sites,Time-Proven Strategies That Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic For Free Articles and statistics says that most of these web sites are DEAD - they do not get targeted web site traffic. Only targeted visitors give real online life to web site, and only targeted visitors can be converted into real profits on the web site. That is why those who understand the value of targeted traffic, fight for it every day, and this fight is getting wilder and wilder.

But fighting for targeted web site traffic without the knowledge of winning traffic-building strategies is a blind fight. You may waste your time, money and nerves and never see targeted visitors on your web site.

No it is time to face problems at full arms - you get the most powerful weapon in the history - professional knowledge how to drive and increase free targeted web site traffic for any online business.

The best knowledge is the knowledge that already proved its effectivity. That is why this article will show you the techniques and strategies that are used by famous Internet marketing gurus: Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, John Reese, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Mulligan, Terry Dean and others. These people made millions on Internet marketing and you can follow the best of their experience.

Today, there is a bundle of time-proven strategies that help to increase targeted web site traffic and convert it into more online sales.

1. Get top joint-venture partners and affiliates from your niche who will drive targeted web site traffic for your online business.

This idea is simple and very effective. Every business niche has its toppers - those who are very successful with gathering clients. These people have already done a great job for you, because they gathered quality clients, subscribers and prospects in your niche. All you have to do is find these toppers and offer them affiliate or joint-venture partnership.

You can do it in some steps: submit the main keyword of your online business into search engine, get 20-50 top web sites in your niche, email their owners and make them an irresistible offer. They will bring you targeted visitors and you will share part of the profits with them. Be ready to share, this will give you more profits in future.

So, do some good thinking about what commissions you can offer your partners and use this tip. JV partners and affiliates will do your job, and you will get quality traffic.

2. Raise your web site rank with link exchange.

Link exchange opens huge potential for growing the rank of web site with search engines. When many web sites in your business niche have your link on their web sites, and your web site has their links, search engines qualify your web site as a source of high attention.

The search engines follow simple logics: if many web sites "think" that your web site is good and put your link, it means you web site really deserves high estimation. They give your web site a higher rank and when someone runs a search for your keywords, your web site gets to the top in found results.

The benefit from getting higher rank is evident: all web sites need targeted traffic. Search engine users are very targeted, as they are already LOOKING for your offer in search engine. Thus, you will get targeted web site traffic.

There are some tips about link exchange. You must exchange links with relevant web sites - the web sites that are in your business niche. You must put the links form other web sites to a special link directory on your web site. The directory must have subcategories and sub-subcategories: the deeper is your directory "tree", the better it is in terms of search engine optimization. The names for categories in your link exchange directory must coincide with quality keywords in your niche.

These are not all the tips about link exchange, but the general picture about the value of this strategy becomes clear.

3. Convert targeted traffic into more online sales with professional mailing tools.

Once you got targeted visitors to your web site, use time-proven mailing strategies to convert traffic into money. With mailing tools your web site can offer a better online advertising, can use online campaigns, educational materials to the visitors about advantages and benefits or your products/services. Mailing tools help to get real feedback from your clients; the feedback will shows you else your clients may need from your product/service, what hidden selling potential can be used to generate more sales.

The professional online mailing tool will ensure that you will have constant touch with your prospects, clients and subscribers. Being in touch means making your business relations with clients stronger and more profitable.

Plus you can use one more strategy below to make your email advertising more effective.

4. Track the effectivity of your online business with URL tracking tools.

It is impossible to run any online business without the tools that help to track the response of your prospects, subscribers and clients to your text ads, to your new offers, to your advertising campaigns,etc. Without tracking this activity of your clients, you will never know for sure what gives you profits and what brings losses.

That is why it is vitally important to know how many clicks where made on your links, how many people reacted to your offers.

This simple strategy can tell you a lot about the visitors to your web site. For example, you can write ad copy and put three links with three types of offers. When you know how much clicks were made for each offer, you know what offer got better response with your audience - you know what your clients want.

Then the strategy is simple: track and check what gives losses and what profits. Stick with the things that give profits, try new approaches and test them. After good testing your web site will turn into a highly effective mechanism that will bring you more and more profits.

5. Use attention-catching technologies to leave visitors on your web site.

Internet statistics shows that a great number of web site visitors may leave the web site in 10 seconds after getting to the web site. And usually these visitors will never return to your web site. That is why it is crucially important to hold the web site visitor longer. One of the time-proven solutions for "catching" the visitors into your list of clients and subscribers; this solution is new-age pop-up window.

When visitors get on your site, you give them some useful info or offer in the pop-up. You can give then educational course about the benefits of your products or service, teaching you clients how they will profit from it. You can give your visitors useful updates on the topics that have close relation to your product or service.

All you need is motivate your visitors to submit their name and email to the subscription form in the pop-up window. When they subscribe, you get this visitor into you database.

Once you got the visitor into your database, you can follow up this client with more products and services that you have. You may have more products and services in future, and this visitor will be your potential client for all of them.

But be very careful. Do not flood your visitors with useless offers. If they feel you are pushing them too hard to buy something, they will unsubscribe from your database.

So, you can see that traffic building strategies are not very difficult. But they have one drawback - they take time to be managed. And this is when online will help you. Today there are special tools and software that help to automate the usage of these strategies.

These tools will save your time, efforts and money. By the way, Internet marketing gurus use the automation power of tools as well. And their care for automating gave them millions in online business. Why shouldn't they help you.