Ways to Succeed and How to Make Money Online

Jan 11


Joseph Blanco

Joseph Blanco

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Most people have heard that making money online effectively is through blogging, and they say that it is the way to succeed in the internet and get rich. I only wish it were true. A lot of us would be swimming in a pool of endless money. We would be driving luxury cars and living a fancy life and do nothing.


The fact is this is not the case. Only few people manage to make money online successfully. The reason behind this is that most advertisements,Ways to Succeed and How to Make Money Online Articles tutorials and self-proclaimed "gurus" out there are either misleading, or they really tell how to make money online but there are some missing information they do not want to tell.

You might have noticed that every blogger out there claims they make a lot amount of money. Don't you ever believe a word they say. Most of the details you read from such blogs is just regurgitated information. There is no actual proof in what they say. They get the information elsewhere, give it a personal touch and you get to read it from their blogs. They tell all of those lies to attract buyers to their products or software that they are selling.

That does not mean that no one can make money blogging. In fact many do. The likes of John Chow, Darren Rowse(Pro blogger) and their ilk manage to make six digit incomes through blogging. However, the others are just struggling. But that does not mean that all blogs and articles about making money online are hoax. In fact there are people that do make a lot of money online and has proven it.

If you decide to make money online without having to do it the hard way, choose something you love. Something you would do even without income. Something you will enjoy of doing because no money seems forth coming. It might be a hobby that can be turned into a money generating income.

You also should try to research on something less competitive. It might take you forever to rank for a competitive keyword like making money online. This is because a large number of people are writing about the same topic and hence the keyword becomes highly competitive. Choose a keyword that is not being target by many people.

Do not cover a huge niche. An idea is that you would go for a sub niche. As an example instead of covering, 'Dating' you can choose to do 'Dating in Kenya'. This way you will still be able to make money easily. It would be difficult to rank for the first keyword because big companies are in it and they will spend a lot of money on advertisement and you will have a hard time keeping up especially if you have nothing to spend.

The other thing that you should do is you must practice perseverance and patience. There is no way you are just going to wake up one day and you are making millions online. You have to work hard for it. Nothing we ever want is easy and it is not by jokes that we get to the summit. The people who are making a huge amount of cash are doing that because they have worked for it. I would highly suggest you do the same.

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