What is a Browser Hijacker and How Can You Remove It from Your Device?

Apr 17


Zohaib Bardai

Zohaib Bardai

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Web browser security is getting important in digital age because hackers are trying to attack computers for ransom. Let's learn more about how browser security works.


There are situations when you open up your browser,What is a Browser Hijacker and How Can You Remove It from Your Device? Articles only for it to not be working the way it normally does. Most of the time, this has to do with something called a browser hijacker. This is malware that tries to take over the browser and its functions. Most of the time, a browser hijacker will inject the browser with various spyware and malware, in an effort to acquire personal information and guide you towards downloading infected files.

Start using a Mac cleanup tool

The reason why you want to use a cleanup tool is because it’s quick, efficient and it can help streamline the entire process. You can remove any piece of malware remaining on your device, including every single instance without performing any manual task. The browser hijacker will be removed, and your Mac will be free of malware. It’s the ideal way of dealing with browser hijackers, and certainly a top tier solution for you to keep in mind.

Remove dangerous extensions

Go to the browser’s Extension tab and there you want to go through each extension. The idea here is to figure out what every extension does and if you use it. Make sure that you get more information about each one, to see if it’s worth keeping or not. Ideally, you always want to remove any random extension, and just keep the stuff you use.

Delete any dangerous apps

Sometimes, apps with malware can affect your browser and bring those browser hijackers. That’s why a good rule of thumb is to try and delete any apps that you don’t use. If you see that any apps are dangerous, then the best thing that you can do is to try and delete them. Of course, you shouldn’t just delete the apps, there are many other things you can focus on here. For example, you should go to the Library folder and delete any instances related to the app. Check the Application Support, Caches, Plugins, Preferences and Saved Application State. Remove anything related to the app that you deleted, so you can avoid any issues.

Ways to prevent getting any browser hijacker

One of the best things you can do is to never open any email link that’s from someone you don’t know. In fact, this is one of the simplest ways a browser hijacker enters your Mac. Also, avoid downloading any apps from random resources, those are not ok and will end up bringing a significant amount of issues. If you see ads or random pop ups on sites, don’t click on them. And yes, use a Mac cleanup tool often to remove malware as well.

Once you perform these tasks, it becomes much easier to solve any problems and stay away from any browser hijacker. That can be extremely dangerous, and it’s one of the most important things you can take into consideration. Make sure that you take your time and fully remove the malware from your device, if possible. It will take a bit of time to get used to a more security-conscious approach when you use your Mac, but once you use those tips above, results can be so much better!