Reset Mac Password: What You Need to Know

Aug 6


Walker Stewart

Walker Stewart

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If you are annoyed by a forgotten Mac password, here’s what you need. It shows you 3 easy ways to reset Mac password and get back in your Mac again.


Reset Mac Password Forgot Mac password? Don’t feel frustrated and take it easy! This happens to all of us. All you need to do is calm down and check if you really cannot keep the track of your Mac password. If the answer is yes,Reset Mac Password: What You Need to Know Articles next find the most suitable way to reset your Mac password and get back in your Mac again. Here’re some simple solutions for you.

Reset Mac password - Try to remember it again Have you ever noticed that some things you are familiar with can be forgotten suddenly like your friend’s name and a frequently-used word? Usually, you can remember these things again. This also works for your lost Mac password. Sometimes you just temporarily forget your Mac password and it will be automatically back into your mind later. No need for you to hurry up and resort to others under this circumstance. But you can check out the places, people and other things that your password is based on and get some clues to help you recall your password.

Reset Mac password – with Mac installation disc Resetting Mac password is an easy job if you have the installation disc for your Mac. Just take the steps below for Mac password reset: Step 1. Insert your Mac installation disc in your computer and hold the “C” key to boot from disc. Step 2. Select your language, and ten select Password Reset when the "Utilities" or "Installer" menu appears. Step 3. Select theMac hard disk that the forgotten password is on, and then select the username of the forgotten mac user account. And you’ll then be asked to select a new password. Step 4. Type a new password for the selected Mac user account, type it again to confirm it, and then Click "Save". Step 5. Restart your Mac as usual from the hard drive and you’ll be able to log in your computer with the newly reset password. Note: Resetting the Keychain Password in OS X is also required if you reset your user account password using Mac OS X Install disc. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter a keychain password each time an application requires authentication that your keychain would normally provide.

Reset Mac password – without Mac installation disc Not have the installation disc your computer comes with? Here’s another way to reset your forgotten Mac password. This method has two phases. Creating a new administrator account on Mac OS X is the first phrase, next you can use this new admin account to reset password of previous account.

Phrase 1. Create new admin account on Mac OS X Step 1. Restart system and hold “Cmd + S” keys from keyboard until it shows Terminal. Step 2. Type the following commands on the Terminal. Please remember to press Enter after typing each command. Your computer will restart once this is done. /sbin/mount –uaw rm /var/db/.applesetupdone reboot Step 3. When you see the Welcome wizard”, follow the wizard instructions until the Create Your Account window appears. Step 4. Type a new user name and password to create a new admin account on Mac OS X, and click Continue button.  A new Mac admin account will be created and you will automatically log into it. Next, you can go to phrase 2 to reset your lost Mac password of the previous user account with this new admin account.

Phrase 2. Reset the forgotten Mac password Step 5. Go to Apple icon -> System Preferences -> Account. You’ll see all the user accounts on your Mac. Step 6. Click on lock icon to enable your target user account and reset its password. Step 7. Enter the Password of the newly-created admin account and hit OK button Step 8. Now the target user account is enabled for changes, select this user and click the  Reset Password button. Step 9. Type a new password for the target user account, type the password again to confirm, type a password hint (optional), and click Reset Password button. Step 10. Log in your target user account with the new password, and then delete the newly-created admin account.

One more tip: Unlike Mac, there’s a great number of ways if you forgot login password to Windows and the most efficient solution is to get an excellent tool like Windows Password Unlocker, Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery, etc. These tools allow you to instantly reset any forgotten Windows password on all popular Windows platforms, including Windows 7. Of course, the best way for you is to create a password reset disk ahead of forgetting the password through the built-in feature of Windows.