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Do you want to analyze your own website so that you can give it higher chances of getting high ranking position? This article will give you an actual example of a real SEO site analysis.   

In case you consider yourself still new at (SEO) search engine optimization,Guest Posting then you most probably have not really performed a complete website analysis of your own. This article is meant to discuss an actual example for you to refer to when analyzing a website.


Below are all the steps I took during the entire website on-page analysis.


Check the competition for keywords and their respective ranking results


First, I checked on the current search rankings for every keyword being targeted. There were about five main keywords being targeted and a few other long tail related keywords. To avoid spending too much time on checking search rankings alone, I just focused on these five main keywords.


After checking each keyword, I found out that no single keyword is doing fairly good on Google’s search result pages. Most of them are nowhere to be found, there were a couple keywords sitting on the far down list of second page. Obviously the results weren’t impressive and the site really needed a serious tweaking for SEO.


Analyze the used tags within the website pages


After learning the current standing of the site on Google’s search result pages, I then started checking on the site’s meta-tags. What I found out gave me an immediate answer of what’s going on.


The keywords being targeted aren’t well arranged on the site’s title tag. Either the main keywords are not there or there were some unnecessary words appearing in between the keyword phrases, which surely is a flaw.


I recommended to changing the entire title tag so that all the main target keywords phrases will show in there. I also did change the entire meta description, probably retained a few words in there but have completely revised it by around 95%. I wanted to make sure the target keywords are in there as well.


A meta-description is very important since it is the text that Google uses in its search result listings. So when you do meta-descriptions, make sure you are considering both reader and SEO in mind. Then I also revised the currently used keyword tags to accommodate both major and long tail keywords.


Consider the factors for on-page adjustments


Some of the other things I did check and recommended for changes were the existing links within the site. I noticed that some links weren’t fully utilized so I instructed to change the anchor links so that the exact keywords will be used randomly in different links according to whichever is most appropriate to use.


I also did find a few images used in the site so I suggested that alt tags be used on these images using the keywords again. In general if you noticed, the analysis I made was focused on just on-page optimization. I did not yet tackle the off-page process which will be including the acquisition of links pointing toward the site.


Remember, on-page and off-page optimizations always go hand in hand. There maybe some cases wherein on-page optimization would show to be enough, but that is only for super targeted & isolated niches wherein the competition for those terms is really low.


However, in cases where the niche involved is really popular and the keywords being ranked for are highly competitive, then you would need the expertise of a professional link builder like me.


A lot of site owners become highly disappointed upon witnessing that the rankings for their websites continue to stay flat despite all known efforts being implemented. The most common reason why websites are having difficulty at climbing up the search listing ladder is because they haven’t acquired much backlinks to support them.   

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