5 Things You Need To Consider While Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in the USA

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It is important to consider expertise and track record while hiring an immigration lawyer in the USA. This improves the odds for people seeking relief from the immigration authorities.

If you have to deal with legal issues related to your immigration it can be quite an overwhelming process. Since the United States attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year who come here to work,Guest Posting study and even seek asylum, it has some of the toughest immigration laws. From simple visa issue to acquiring citizenship, immigration law is vast and earning relief from authorities isn’t easy. For the majority of immigrants handling their case alone isn’t possible and they seek help from attorneys. Here are five things you need to consider while hiring and immigration lawyer.

AILA Membership – If you are looking to hire the best immigration lawyer in the USA, make sure they are members of the AILA or the American Immigration Lawyer Association. This is a prestigious club of the best immigration attorneys in the United States. While this membership isn’t a requirement to take up an immigration case, it suggests the attorney’s expertise with immigration law.

Expertise – As we have already mentioned earlier Immigration Law is vast and considered one of the toughest fields of laws. From cases related to Family-based Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visa Petitions and Employment based Visa Petitions to Deportation and Removal Defense, and other special petitions there are many there are different types of cases. When you seek services of an immigration lawyer in the USA it is important for you to verify their field of expertise.

Success Record – There are law firms that would boast about the number of cases that they have handled. While this may sound great, what you need to focus on is their rate of success. In what percentage of cases have they been able to earn relief in favor of their clients? You shouldn’t shy away from asking such tough questions before seeking their help in your case. A seasoned immigration attorney in New York with a proven track record will be always willing to share his/her success record.

Understand Fees – Some lawyers would charge you on an hourly basis while others may work on a contingency basis and bill you a fixed fee when the case has been settled in your favor. There are pros and cons to each of these and you need to take a call based on your own judgment. Also, stay away from attorneys who are willing to work at ridiculously low fees as most of them have a poor track record. A good attorney with a respectable track record won’t come cheap. Period.

Consider More Than One Lawyer – Last but not the least always consider more than one lawyer. When you have an impending immigration case it is quite common to hire the first lawyer that you have heard of or one who has been referred. But it is equally important for you to find an immigration lawyer in the USA who understands your case. How can you come to such conclusions when you are reviewing only a single attorney? Shortlist minimum three attorneys and choose one who seems more likely to get the case settled in your favor.

These aren’t mere five points for you to consider while hiring USA immigration attorney, they increase odds of finding the right person and ending your woes with the immigration authorities.

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