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Call the best attorney in Sterling Virginia—The Law Office of Scott S. Ives has over 30 years of experience practicing law in northern Virginia. Wehandle all types of law and are here to protect your best interests. Our attorneys review facts, documents, and agreements to provide the best legal services and ensure that you are properly represented and get the justice you deserve. Hire the Law Office of Scott Ives to represent you. Contact us for a free consultation and understand your rights.


How To Find The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

When looking for an experienced and reliable criminal defense attorney,Guest Posting time and confidence are of the essence. Your lawyer will investigate every aspect of your charge and put together a solid defense to ensure the best result possible for your case. If a defense attorney doesn’t handle your case in a timely or accurate manner, you could be the one that suffers the consequences. In order to find the best criminal defense attorney, follow these tips to guide your search and interactions.


Make Sure They Handle Your Case

Not all lawyers have the same experience. Make sure your attorney specializes in the right type of criminal law, or at least lists it as one of their practice areas, so they can provide you with the best legal defense. Determine if your attorney has prior experience handing similar cases. Your attorney should have a history of dealing with similar criminal defense cases for other clients who have been accused of a similar crime or offense.

An attorney that is unfamiliar with a particular type of criminal law and defense may not be able to provide as thorough legal service as an attorney that specializes in that branch of law and knows exactly how to deal with your specific needs and situation.


Find Someone Responsive

Your attorney should be responsive to your initial inquiry and subsequent needs. When it comes to criminal law, time is of the essence. If you find an attorney that is responsive to calls and emails, then they are likely to be equally fast and helpful in answering your questions and helping you sort through legal issues.

In a criminal defense situation, many find themselves unused to hiring an attorney and may call to inquire about services without much prior research. Although you or a loved one may be looking for help, time is often of the essence. Putting a defense together and ensuring you have an attorney to represent you can make a huge difference in the way your case in handled.


Consider Costs And Fees

A great attorney doesn’t work for free, or even cheap in most cases. However, legal fees shouldn’t be so steep that you can’t reasonably justify hiring an attorney to represent you. A good defense attorney does not want their fee structure to be confusing. In fact, many attorneys offer payment plans and other options to pay for their services.

A good attorney will have an open discussion or clear paperwork and information detailing how they will bill you for their services and what rates you can expect for the total cost of your defense. They may have a flat rate, bill for hourly service, or have some combination of the two fee structures. Whatevertheir fee or billing structure may be, there should be no question about how much their services will cost, or when or how you will be expected to pay.


About Ives Law

Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Sterling, Virginia. The Law Office of Scott S. Ives offers a free consultation for those accused of, or charged with, a crime. With an experienced Virginia criminal lawyer working to win your case, you stand an excellent chance of avoiding conviction or receiving a lenient sentence. Let us represent you, no case is too large or small.

As a Sterling, Virginia lawyer with over 30 years of experience, The Law Office of Scott S. Ives serves clients in the northern Virginia area. If you’re looking for an attorney in Sterling, VA, we provide expert legal service and advice. Contact our northern Virginia law office now to have an experienced legal firm represent you.


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Expert criminal defense attorney in Sterling, Virginia, The Law Office of Scott S. Ives has experience providing the highest quality legal defense to ensure the best outcome for your case.Don’t let a mistake ruin your life, retain an expert criminal defense attorney to fight for you.We offer free consultations—contact us to learn more about what we can do to protect you and your record.




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