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If the name is widely used, provide more information about the offender like his date of birth, an address, and others. This will better your chances of locating the correct document.  

It is not an easy task to preserve the safety of an area,Guest Posting especially if it has a population that is the biggest in the United States. In California, the population is just too big to completely eliminate crime. As a resort, the state gave the public the right to obtain Arrest Records CA. The documents bear details that are beneficial to the public so they are aware who to not associate themselves with. 
All the documents of criminal offenders of all 58 counties of the state are forwarded to the state’s Department of Justice. Initially, the documents are not recorded at the Department of Justice, but at the local police departments and sheriff’s offices. You can place a request for your own documents but not for another person. If you want to obtain the documents of another person, you have to secure an authorization from the court. It is advisable to check if the details on your documents are factual and are current. However, if the documents are being used as a reference for a current investigation, they are not disclosed to the public. 
A request sheet can be procured at the Department of Justice. Supply the required information on the sheet such as a name, an address, and the date of birth. Before sending the request sheet back to the department, you need to have your fingerprint scanned. There are various local police departments and sheriff’s office that execute a live scan. The product of a fingerprint scan is a fingerprint card and it contains your vital details such as your name, date you were born and your home address. You will be charged with $25 for every request you submit. Meanwhile, you will be charged with another fee for the live scan and the amount depends on where it was executed. 
Documents of criminal offenders are made up of various documents like sex offender documents, driving history documents, arrest history documents, etc. Thanks to the Free of Information Act, the documents are readily available to any person upon request. People find great use of the documents as a source of reference if they want to check the criminal background of other people. Do not forget that even when a person is labelled as a criminal by the law, his or her right to privacy is still preserved. If anyone known to have accessed the documents and used them illegally against another person, the court will be imposing matching penalties to the violator. 
Government agencies such as the Department of Justice maintain their own website and run their own database where they store the records. Privately-owned websites are also allowed to offer the documents to the public as long as proper procedures are observed. If you want to procure the documents from privately-owned websites, be vigilant in checking the track record of such websites so that you can assure yourself that you are being provided with reliable pieces of information. 
If you want to commence a search for Free Criminal Records, make sure that you are knowledgeable of the basic, but important details of the documents you want to obtain such as a name, home address, and the date of birth. Find more facts about the documents so that if the name of the person you are searching for is a common name, you can filter the search results, thus making your odds better of locating the specific documents you are looking for. 

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