Collection Of Important Documents For Spouse Visa UK

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Are you wondering about the documents for spouse visa UK? Then here is the brief introduction of various requirements for UK spouse visa from India. There are three main reasons due to which you are required to come to India to get married. Let us take a look at them one by one and then decide about the process accordingly.


The first reason is that the British government wants to encourage people to settle down in India and wants to maintain good relationship with its neighboring country. It has also tightened its immigration rules in an attempt to control illegal immigration from Britain. In order to do this,Guest Posting the British government has exempted certain categories of non-nationals coming to India on settlement visa or other valid reasons. This includes British citizens who have retired from the British army or the British dependants. This also includes British National as well as British protected persons coming to India on a work permit.


The second reason is that due to certain economic reasons, British authorities have lowered down the processing time for the spouse visa from India. Earlier, it took six months to process the application for this visa, now it takes just around four months to complete the processing. The British authorities have cited two main reasons for this, one is the rising number of returnees from Britain who want to visit their families, and the second reason is that there are some economic problems in certain parts of UK like London and England. Thus, reducing the processing time would be beneficial to the government as well as the applicant.


If you are looking forward to apply for the spouse visa from India, then the first thing you must apply is for the relevant documents for immigration. These documents include the marriage certificate and the application form along with the other supporting papers. These documents have to be submitted with the application form duly completed by you and the applicant. Besides, there are certain documents which are compulsory for the approval of the application for the spouse visa.


If you have already provided all the necessary documents to the British immigration authorities but still you are not eligible for the visa, then your next step should be to find out whether you have a genuine relationship with the applicant. In case you have a genuine relationship with the applicant, then you can easily get the visa. For example, if the applicant is your son or daughter, then the relationship should be more than a business relation. The genuine relationship will be helpful to the British national as well as the applicant to prove that he or she is eligible for the spouse visa. Hence, it is important to prove that you have a genuine relationship. For this purpose, you will have to visit your home office in person and collect all the relevant documents relating to your relationship with the applicant.


When you reach your home office, you have to start the process of collecting the documents as described above. After collecting the documents, you should organize them in a file and take time to study each document carefully. Once you complete the study of the documents, you should arrange them in such a manner so as to create a proper and well organized set of documents for the UKBA supporting documents for spouse visa UK.


You have to present these documents before the UKBA officers during the spouse visa interview. Along with the documents, you have to submit a written statement from your bank providing details about your regular income and expenses. This written statement will help the UKBA officers verify your details and understand your financial requirements.


The basic requirement for the spouse visa uk is that the applicants should be of legal age. There are several reasons for the age requirement. First of all, if a person who wants to stay in the United Kingdom is over 18 years old then he would automatically be a British national. Secondly, even though many people who want to stay in the United Kingdom as British nationals do not need a proof of citizenship, they still need to present valid identity documents that prove that they are of the age of eighteen years. These documents can be either original British issued documents or else they can be copy copies of the original documents that you have acquired from the British government either at the residency office British consulate or at the British High Commission.

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