Creating a Visitation Schedule in Oklahoma

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You need to know the laws in your state regarding child custody. Learn more about creating an Oklahoma visitation schedule.

Divorcing or separating parents need to include a visitation schedule in their custody agreement or parenting plan. A visitation schedule offers details about how parents will continue to care and provide for their child as well as how they will continue to spend time with the child. The base of an Oklahoma child visitation schedule is a repeating custody cycle. Parents have to decide on a daily schedule of where the child lives and when the child spends time with each parent. First you need to determine the type of custody. Sole physical custody is where one parent has custody and the other has visitation. Joint physical custody is where the divide the time more evenly although it does not have to be equal.

Once you have the repeating cycle has been made,Guest Posting you should decide on a holiday schedule. Parents may want to include national, school and religious holidays as well as any special family days. You should make a list and divide the holidays between parents. You also need to decide how long each holiday will last. Vacation time and special events should also be added to your visitation schedule. You should specified vacation times and a list of special events whenever possible.

Along with the actual visitation schedule, you may also include provisions. Provisions are rules both parents agree on to help the schedule work better. Examples of provisions include transportation and exchange information, how changes will be made to the schedule, etc.

As an Oklahoma parent, you must create a visitation schedule that is in the best welfare of your child. It is ideal that you work together with the other parent to decide on a schedule. If you cannot agree on a visitation schedule with the other parent, you may want to consider mediation. You may also separately submit visitation schedules as part of your parenting plan for the judge to consider. The judge may choose one of the parent's schedules or create an entirely new one. Each parent will have the opportunity to explain why their schedule most benefits the child. Once a schedule has been accepted by the court, you and the other parent are legally bound to follow it.

You can create an effective Oklahoma visitation schedule by keeping your child's best interests in mind and by working with the other parent to do what is best for your child.

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