DWI Houston Laws And Deciding Factors

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DWI Houston laws have come into existence for the offense committed by a person while in charge of the wheels under any kind of influence of alcohol or drugs and narcotics above the permissible limit or being in a state where the normal mental and physical reflexes fail due to the use of alcohol or drugs.

DWI stand for Driving while intoxicated. DWI is considered to be a punishable offense as under the influence of alcohol or drugs and narcotics the mental and physical abilities of a person are at its lowest. His actions are not in control while in an intoxicated state.

Here we have to understand that intoxication is caused not only due to the use of alcohol but also drugs (even prescribed drugs). Even if an intoxicated person has the control over himself/herself,Guest Posting but if the reading in BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is above the permissible limit i.e., 0.08% or more, then by the DWI Houston Law that person will be considered to be intoxicated and could face legal charges.

BAC Test- The Deciding Factor
There are a number of ways available in BAC through which it can be measured. It can be either via a breath test, urine test or blood test. Amongst the three tests, the blood test turns out to be the most accurate one but it isn’t very convenient. The breath test turns out to be the quickest and the most convenient way to determine the BAC as it does not require the sample to be sent to the lab for testing as it can be measured easily with the help of a machine called Intoxilyzer 5000 in no time.

Punishments If Found Guilty
Under the DWI Houston law, a misdemeanor is classified under the category A or B depending on the level of alcohol present in breath or blood and if the BAC reading is more than the permissible limit then they can be charged with fine or imprisonment or both depending on the seriousness of the violation of the law. A person will be considered to be guilty even if an open container is found at the time of the offense.

Bond conditions are a matter of the Court’s discretion for the first time offenders but if the offender is found guilty of a subsequent offense then the driving license can be canceled along with stiffer penalties.

Attorney To The Rescue
It's never a smart move to be in charge of the wheels of being under the influence of alcohol or drug, whether in an intoxicated state or legally impaired. But once being charged under the law for being guilty, the DWI attorney who is specialized in these types of cases can come to the rescue with their expertise. Choosing the right lawyer can help to understand the laws and the scenario prevailing and make difference in the outcome. Moreover, the Attorneys help to understand the loopholes in the laws framed and come up with suggestions which in turn will decrease the offenses.

It was the need of the hour to come up with such laws as the number of road accidents has been on a rise due to DWI. DWI Houston law has also become stricter with time and one of the positives of these strict laws are there has been a drastic decline in the number of accidents due to the drunken driving.

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