Factors to consider when joining a corporate law firm in Delhi

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Do you have an aim of joining a leading corporate law firm? Read here the factors that you must know before joining the right law firm.

As a fresh law school graduate in India,Guest Posting you are now all set to make a career as a lawyer. There are a number of corporate law firms in and around Delhi that are constantly looking to hire new talent. On the flip side, any senior and well-established lawyer will tell you that their initial years in any law firm were the toughest of their careers. This is sadly because most law schools do not prepare you adequately for a successful law career, and neither do most law firms do much to train their new entrants.

So, what are the critical factors one must consider before joining the right corporate law firm:

  • Define your career objectives.

Based on your own personality trait, select the practise area that interests you the most. Some personality traits are more suited for success in a particular practise area, for example, you may need an aggressive personality for a career in litigation. Most corporate lawyers will advise that changing your preferred practise area is difficult mid-way through your career.

  • Determine the law firm’s strength.

Based on your specific interest (example, intellectual property, debt securitization), select the law firm that is strong in this practise area. Most corporate law firms claim to be specialized in all fields, but rarely is this true. Evaluate the firm’s strength by looking at their practise groups and if the kind of work they do matches your career growth plan.

  • Look for the right mentoring.

The right mentor in the law firm can provide insights into their own experiences and useful tips for your growth. Prefer corporate law firms that are reputed in providing guidance and mentoring to their young lawyers. Additionally, ensure that once you have found your mentor, use their time well to educate yourself and build a lifetime bond of trust and respect.

  • Consider the right parameters for evaluating the firm’s financial condition.

Most law students evaluate the partner profits (PPP) when choosing the right law firm. This can be misguiding as most corporate law firms have a mix of equity and income partners, where income partners are salaried employees of the firm and do not have a share of the profits. Alternately, consider law firms who are in the continuous process of hiring new partners (especially in your line of practise). Newly-acquired partners indicate that the financial health of the firm is good.

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