Excel IIT Coaching: our budget fee plan and other things that set us apart

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Know how Excel IIT Coaching is better than others in terms of fees and IIT coaching.

Clearing entrance examinations and selection to coveted colleges is no lap of luxury. Be it engineering services or the like,Guest Posting the struggle of the preparatory phase is like running a marathon in the scorching summer afternoons of Delhi, every single day until you reach the finish line (or faint due to heat-stroke). The thumb rule is focus, determination and hard work.

In this pandemonium, the aspirants’ mind juggles with a number of questions: “Am I capable enough to crack such an exam on my own?”

At such crossroads of the mind, Excel IIT Coaching provides you with the required guidance and helps you tide over the crisis. The faculty, in a very systematic way, holds your hand and takes you through the whole motion via interactive classroom lectures and a better understanding of the courses.

Excel IIT Coaching was built with the core belief to develop a collaborative culture where “Intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems or create products which are valued in one or more cultural settings.” A number of approaches are employed for the development, administration, and interpretation of the subjects. The hard work, efficiency and training that we put into students, has made us a favourite in the arena of IIT Coaching in Delhi.

The mock tests aim at not just remembering the information, but making the students use their brain muscles to practice retrieving the information too. We do not promote cramming as it puts a lot of information in one’s head, fast, but it also leads to fast forgetting. Coordination between the instructors and the students and careful planning helps guard against stress and spacing of the syllabus embeds learning in the long-term memory.

Our innovative programs and concepts provide a simplified and crisp approach towards preparation for we believe in smart, hard and strategic work.

Since 2007, the IIT Coaching fees offered at Excel IIT Coaching has been the lowest offered by any of the contemporary IIT Coaching institutes. And that is not all, we have introduced a new budget IIT Plan of Rs. 7000/ month which includes the preparation of CBSE + IIT-JEE Mains + IIT-JEE Advance, all in one package. The cost-effective and educationally valuable systems in use make sure that students from all the sections of the society can have access to our augmented sessions taught by vibrant and motivated professionals.

We encourage and accept evolving skills rather than elevating self-esteem by pushing the students beyond their capacity. It is not merely about the end of it when you clear it and get a good rank, but also what you become in the process.

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Rohit Kaushik

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