Fraud and Criminal law

Jan 25


Simon Senior

Simon Senior

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Our Goal Is Simple - To continue to advise and represent our clients on a national level in an honest, ethical and pro- active manner in each one of our practice areas to obtain the best possible outcome. From our highly skilled complex crime team to our personal injury, no win no fee department the work ethic always remain the same,

 We have built a commanding reputation as a leading Criminal Defence Practice in England.

We specialise in the defence of all types of serious fraud,Fraud and Criminal law Articles money laundering and other complex crime matters representing clients all across England and Wales.

At Dewsbury Solicitors we maintain a pro-active defence stance in large scale, highly complex fraud cases that often cross international jurisdictions The key to our success is being able to build teams and matching the best legal expertise to our clients requirements to ensure effective defence preparation.

Being accused and arrested of any crime can be daunting and extremely stressful. However, at fraud solicitors yorkshirewe try and make the process as simple and painless as possible.

We are available 24 hours a day and can discuss your case. We are also available on the weekends and can arrange a Conference with our clients at an appropriate location.

Our reputation in areas of serious crime and complex fraud has resulted in fraud specialists being recommended by many other professionals such as accountants and other legal firms.

Our highly skilled defence team include experienced Criminal Defence Fraud Specialists, dedicated and experienced caseworkers, expert and highly respected barristers within the legal profession, In addition to this we also have excellent relationships with nationally recognised defence forensic accountants, computer data analysts, handwriting experts, in ensuring that no stance is left unturned in exploring ways in which to protect our clients interests.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance

Rumours can damage an individuals reputation and especially that of a business with catastrophic consequences sometimes. That is why we have a strict confidentiality process in all matters that we deal with.

Often in complex fraud and other complex crime matters attempts by the Prosecution are made to request Restraining Orders on an individual and or their business, This happens even where the individual concerned is yet to be charged with an offence, in some instances charges may not be brought for many months and even up to 2 years. This can have a profound and devastating effect on the individuals business.

At solicitors dewsburydue to our pro-active stance we will not merely wait for the Prosecution to build their case around our client.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Don't wait to be arrested and interviewed under caution, seek advice as soon as you become aware take immediate action and call us.

At fraud solicitors yorkshire we recognise that complex crime more often than not involves voluminous amounts of evidence, technical and forensic data and a multitude of Defendants.

At fraud lawyer our dedicated complex crime team has the experience and expertise to trawl through the evidence and be able to prepare a robust defence case.

We hold vast amounts of experience and expertise in complex crime matters such as:

  • conspiracy to defraud insurance companies,

  • money laundering

  • mortgage fraud

  • banking fraud

  • carousel fraud (vat/imtic fraud)

  • boiler room fraud

  • fraud by false accounting

  • insider dealing fraud

  • counterfeit fraud

  • identity fraud

  • benefit  fraud

At fraud solicitors yorkshire we have established an excellent reputation over the years as one of the leading defence firms in serious and general crime.

Our reputation has been built off the back of hard work for our clients with the will and desire to succeed, ultimately to obtain the best possible result for our clients.

Serious crimes are tried before the crown court and these cases require detailed preparation which often includes perusing through complex and extensive prosecution fraud solicitors yorkshire our experienced lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.

Our personnel includes highly rated fraud specialists with higher rights of audience but also experienced caseworkers too with a wealth of experience in serious criminal matters from serious assaults to murder cases, from large scale fraud to organised drug cases.

Over the years solicitors dewsbury have created a list of some of the leading barristers in the country.Our close relationship with these barristers allows us to match the expertise of these individuals with the particular case.

Free advice and representation whilst in the police station is free to all irrespective of ones financial position.

Instructing our criminal lawyer at the outset of a case is priceless to ones defence.what you say whilst in the police station is often important to ones defence and therefore it is important to get the best advice. Whatever the time, day or night , members of our team are on standby to respond to urgent calls for assistance and will attend the police station and be present during questioning.

Below is only some of the types of cases that Ashmans Solicitors repeatedly deal with and is by no means to be taken as an exhaustive list.

  • murder

  • attempted murder

  • rape

  • other sexual offences cases including sexual grooming

  • serious assault

  • importation of class a and class b drugs

  • conspiracy to supply class a and class b drugs

  • fraud cases(see separate page on fraud and types of fraud)

  • robbery

  • firearms offences

  • blackmail