How to Get a Marriage Visa UK Through the UK Border Control

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You should apply for marriage visa UK either with or without your groom. If there is a groom, his duly certified copy of photo ID and marriage license ought to be given to the UK immigration authorities along with application form.

The cost for a marriage visa in the UK is a touch higher now. As it stands presently,Guest Posting the cost for an application made from outside the UK is about like fifty pounds. So if you & your spouse seriously think of applying for marriage visa UK, this has to be applied for online choosing the right visa form and also you should have in your hand, important supporting documents to back your marriage visa application.If there is a valid marriage certificate of both the partners, then the marriage visa documentation has to be attested by a person not less than eighteen years of age.

A valid e-visa will be issued in cases where the husband or wife is a British citizen by origin and the wife has also obtained an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or permanent residence card from the British Immigration authorities. In case of an unmarried partner, then a suitable family member should be able to apply for the marriage visa uk flr with support from a dependable person.


After the completion of all the steps mentioned above, an application will be sent to the Home Office by the applicant. On receipt of application, the Home Office will give a period of one to three months for review and action. The applicant may, after considering the results of his or her home office's decision, apply for an immigrant visa directly to the United Kingdom. The application should be made under the Sponsored spouses category. The spouse visa application cannot be made in the dependent category. In this case, the applicant will be required to go through the family care provisions as per the immigration rules.


The duration of approval of marriage visa UK depends on the grounds of misrepresentation and whether the home country of one of the spouses is of an adverse nature. For instance, if the wife or husband is from a non-English speaking country and that country refuses to take up an application from a person whose mother tongue is English or vice versa. In cases like these, the immigration authorities may refuse the application outright or refer it to the designated officers for further proceedings. If the spouses are of similar status in their home country, the marital status test might be undertaken. In this case, the test is conducted under the immigration rules to determine whether the couple has similar roots and is likely to get along well.


To apply for marriage visa UK, you will need to submit certain papers like proof of your residence in the united kingdom, details about your job and income, and a few documents related to your proposed civil partnership. This application can also be made online. There is no fee for this application. Once you file for it, you can expect a decision on your application within three months. If all the necessary paperwork has been submitted, the immigration authorities will find you eligible to apply for an immigrant visa within six months after you apply for it.


When married, both members of the marriage must be able to meet the immigration rules. If either of the couple is not a British citizen or does not have indefinite leave to stay, they will be required to apply for an indefinite leave to remain or leave to reach their spouse. Both of them must also provide evidence of their income.


indefinite leave to remain is available to people who are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom but do not have indefinite leave to reside in the UK under the Immigration Rules. The duration of this visa category is two years. The spouses of a British citizen who have children may also apply for indefinite leave to remain. This visa category may be extended if the partners are to have more than two children. After six months of continuous application, the spouses of a British citizen who is a settled person will have to apply for a permanent leave to remain if they do not have a green card.


The permanent right of residence is another type of immigration status available to couples who are eligible to apply. In this case, the partners have the choice to settle permanently in the UK or can apply for leave to remain. After six months of continuous application, spouses of a British citizen who is a settled person will have to apply for a permanent leave to remain if they don't have a green card. The partners may also apply for marriage visa UK if they have sufficient financial resources.

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