How to Get FDA Approval for Cosmetics

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Imagine what a nightmare it would be to put night cream on before bed and wake up to swollen,Guest Posting red, and itchy skin because the face cream had a toxic irritant in it. That would be terrible! Thankfully, this is only a nightmare and not something American consumers deal with on a regular basis. We have the FDA to thank for this. Because cosmetics need FDA approval, the label tells you exactly what it is made of and what it will do for you. This is incredibly beneficial to consumers. When they know they are getting exactly what they are looking for, with no harmful side effects, they can purchase with confidence. If there is a problem and you wake up to a red, angry face, you know exactly who to contact. You may even be the alarm bell ringing that causes a recall!


As great as this is for the shopper, it does add a few extra hurdles to jump over for the cosmetic companies themselves. If this describes you, it means you need whatever you are selling to be FDA approved. You can't go to market without this approval, so it is best to learn exactly what is needed to move past this step as quickly as possible. Until you get FDA approval, your customers are not being helped and you are not making any money.


Your products can make a major difference in the lives of your customers, but getting them to market and ensuring they stand out against the competition is challenging when you have to keep FDA rules and regulations in mind. Problems arise when cosmetics companies make drug or disease claims for their cosmetics products. For example, if you claim that your new product will restore hair growth, reduce cellulite, or remove wrinkles, then these are considered to be drug-related claims. It's not just lipstick that will make your lips red! As a result of these medical claims, the product will then need to abide by the specific regulations relating to drugs.


Without detailed knowledge of FDA regulations, it’s hard to know what you can and cannot say on your labels and marketing materials. In fact, you may not even know whether a certain product requires FDA approval at all. What you need is an experienced advocate who can help you navigate the guidelines while mitigating risk. You need a FDA attorney!


The FDA landscape is complicated, and there are hundreds of complex rules and regulations that require detailed attention. Your chosen  FDA attorney will take the worry out of getting your products to market. This lawyer will offer expertise for pre-market label reviews, permits, approvals, and more.


Don't move one step closer to going to market without the legal help you need! Bringing on a FDA lawyer as early as possible is so important for your future success. This legal expert is highly specialized and will tell you everything you need to do moving forward. Once you're selling your product, he or she can also help with things like litigation support and handling recalls if that should be needed.

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