How to locate a judgment debtor's employer

Mar 18


Lance Casey Sr.

Lance Casey Sr.

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In order to garnish a debtor's wages, you will need to know where they are employed.


How To Locate A Debtors Employer:

To locate a debtor’s employer is a daunting task,How to locate a judgment debtor's employer Articles particularly in case of debt recovery. A creditor has to do an extensive search over the internet. Most of the time, the debtors mention the name of their employer somewhere on the website in their profile. Even, government organizations hold the information of a debtor and a debtor’s employer.

A creditor can do a phone book search on web sites such as 411, Yellow Pages, Switchboard, Infopace, Super Pages, Infobel and Fone Finder to locate a debtor’s employer name. Web site 411 provides free phone directory search for people and employer in the US and Canada. Yellowpages directories include links to public records databases, whereas Switchboard includes the list of people residing in the whole town.

Infospace web site provides reverse lookup service. Verizon Super Pages can be of assistance, while searching the debtor’s employer. Infobel features all the phone books around the world, whereas Fonefinder web site helps to search the debtor and the employer based on area code, prefix, or city.

There are many other people finder guides, such as Yahoo! People Search, Seattle Public Library Directory Reference, and Virtual Chase People Finder Guides, where the creditor can find the employer name mentioned in the profile.

More Directories To Locate A Debtors Employer:

Dexknows site provides index assistance for residential as well as business purpose. Here, a creditor can search for the employer by name. This web site gets the most up-to-date information of the local area.

Polk & Cole provides quick data online at public library in any city. Even, the creditor can check in reverse index on Langenberg website. Phone Disc is another web site, which includes much needed company data. This is a paid service.

If a creditors wish to know more about the debtor’s employer and address, he can refer the web sites such as Thomas Register, Hovers Directory, Info USA / Reference USA, Proquest and other News databases.

Services By Government Organizations:

United States Postal Service provides Zip Code look up service, to know the employer of the debtor. Excluded Parties List System includes employers excluded from the contracts with the federal government or blocked and specially designated nationals (SDNs).

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission includes all foreign and domestic employers. These employers file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR.

This whole procedure, which is also termed as Skip Tracing, requires the above mentioned resources to track down the debtor and the debtor employees successfully. For more information, creditors can log on to

Lance Casey from Cal-State Financial is a Judgment Recovery Specialist.