Myths debunked on your Personal Injury Case & Injury Attorney Basking Ridge NJ

Jan 5


Jessica E Taylor

Jessica E Taylor

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A concept like the personal injury is nothing new, there are many people struggling with injuries due to other person negligence and also there are many myths as well which is spread over all and these victims without concerning any professional injury attorney Basking Ridge believes in it and make their case weaker, Here is a list of myths that will help you make a better start on your case.


Personal injury law is a term that covers almost every type of injury into it; it can possibly be accident on the road (road injuries) slip & fall, Myths debunked on your Personal Injury Case & Injury Attorney Basking Ridge NJ Articles medical malpractice, construction site accident injury, workplace injury and so on, these injuries when occurring to any person it can seriously impact a lot to them and the family members, if you have been involved in an accident and suffering from serious injuries you need to know the truth about legal benefits and rights that you deserve. As the internet is a place where you get a lot of information, not just true information but the myths as well, there are various myths about Person injuries and injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ. Here in this article we have covered a lot of common myths that victim usually believe is true and get their case turn into really wrong one just because of insufficient or inappropriate information.

When you are finally at a stage of hiring an injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ and filing a case against the negligence person you will come across various misconception and confusion that will not let you make the case process work smoothly, these will be big barriers which must be avoided and not followed. Here is a list of myths debunked which will definitely give your case side a strong kick start.

  • Most professional Injury Attorney Basking Ridge NJ does not request a retainer fee.

Many injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis that means you don’t need to pay them unless you receive funds or compensation from your case. These lawyers take such risk for their clients by not charging the fees prior or fees up front and also not holding up the financial costs like (private medical assessment fees). This injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ gets paid only if you are paid compensation. These kinds of charges are only for the victims to get fair justice.

  • Injury Attorney Basking Ridge NJ knows how much money I’ll receive.

While injury attorneys can give you detailed information or idea about your case worth but that doesn’t mean they will tell you how much you deserve. There is no possibility that they can tell you what exactly you will receive after settlements and negotiation. There are many factors that can make your case weaker or stronger, it depends upon the evidence. Personal injury differs for everyone; therefore, there will be different awards settlements for different persons there is even a possibility that you get different compensations for the same injuries like other victims.

  • I can decide anytime when to sue

There are different laws and rules for different states it depends upon the rules and time limit if the states as to when to file the case against the other party, you yourself cannot decide how long you can take time to file the case. If you file a lawsuit after the time limit is over you will not be given the authority to make any claims for yourself. There is a limitation period for most of the personal injury lawsuit within 2 years. The best time to consult an injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ is as soon as possible.

  • There is no need of Injury Attorney Basking Ridge NJ

After an accident insurance company will find out ways and means to reach you and convince you to agree on the least compensation settlement, their convincing power will be very strong as they will use legal terms or show you any documents and take signatures from you, with this, you will be at the weakest point. You may feel that you can deal directly with them, but this mistake will let you suffer forever therefore only an injury attorney basking ridge NJ will be able to negotiate well with them and can collect evidence to proves them you were at no fault.

  • There are Compensations for physical injuries only

There are 2 type of compensation damages, one is special damages that can be quantifiable second is General damages that is just assessed, when there is an injury the special damages will include medical expenses, travelling expenses, car damage and so on, under general damages it includes Pain, Sufferings, emotional disturbance, psychological injuries, loss of comfort, loss of happiness and so on, you have the right to get compensation for both of the damages and not just physical injuries.

  • It will take many years to receive compensation

When you hire an injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ they will let you know that this myth is not true by practically proving you this. These attorneys take the case really strongly and make it possible for you to get the compensation as early as possible. It will definitely take a bit of time because you have to visit medical professionals, then you have to attend meetings with the adjuster to decide the settlement amount, obviously there won’t be just one meeting, these insurance adjusters will take a lot of time to agree on your terms only if you hire a good injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ. Once you are done with this process there will be court meetings and then you have to submit the writing of settlements, once al the process is clearly checked only then you will be given the desired compensation.

These are 6 important myths that you must not follow, now that you are aware of all these myths you are definitely going to make a good start with your case, always understand if you are not sure about something you have injury attorney Basking Ridge NJ by your side to guide you about the process.