Nevada County Arrest Records Online

Apr 28


Gerald Love

Gerald Love

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Tips to claim the California criminal arrest information via web.


The Nevada County Arrest Records are made available to the public through the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office,Nevada County Arrest Records Online Articles or the Sheriff’s Office’s official website.Arrest Records are public information. It is a report stating that the person involved as been questioned, detained, arrested, or convicted by a law enforcement agency. Often, these records will contain details about the crime that the suspect is thought to have committed, the date, and a description of the suspect. A person with an arrest record may or may not have criminal charges filed against him/ her. It does mean that that person had a brush with the law.Arrest records are available for the public’s inspection as mandated by the California Public Records Act. California Arrest Records and other public records are necessary information to help keep the public safe. This is especially true in instances where background checks are needed. For example, a company’s hiring process usually involves a search through a candidate’s private history to reveal and convictions or arrests, or even gaps in his/ her employment history. In any case, these information is widely available over the internet or through the law enforcement agency involved.Unlike other states, California does not provide a centralized database of all current and active arrest warrants/wanted persons. But there are other different ways that California arrest records and arrest warrants can be located, both online and off. The searcher may visit the Sheriff’s Office of particular county in California where the arrested person resides. Their official website may also provide plenty of useful information if the searcher cannot physical go to the Office.The searcher can try the correctional facilities in the county. There are currently two correctional facilities in the State – the Wayne Brown and the Truckee correctional facilities. The Truckee facility houses inmates temporarily and those who were already convicted are housed in the Wayne Brown correctional. For a list of jail bookings, the website has a jail media report tool in the website. The searcher needs to simply input the report date that one is interested in and a list of the bookings will be displayed. Information available includes the inmate’s full name, booking time and date, booking number, as well as the arresting officer. The searcher will also know if the inmate is still in custody, as well as the bail amount and the reason for the arrest.The County Court is another place to visit if the case is still under court procedure. Some criminal cases may also be requested from the court. Records that available here range from minor offenses such as traffic violations to more serious ones such as theft or murder. If the searcher does not need an official copy, plenty of public sites offer free databases of listings and information. The Sheriff’s website alone can provide a wealth of information. There are daily activities report available in PDF format as well as a booking list for the last 30 days, as well as Nevada County Arrest Logs on the types of calls and activities that the Sheriff’s Office performs. The summary of the incident and other details that the Sheriff’s office responded to are indicated here.

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