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If you wish to acquire the criminal record or arrest records public in a more practical way, pulling a quick online criminal background check is something that you can do. The number of online service providers today is relatively high thereby providing online users with wider options in looking for the best online service provider to choose from.

Should you wish to dig deeper into the essential details of an individual in New York,Guest Posting checking over New York Criminal Records  is be a good idea. Records of criminal cases include felonies, offense, infractions, or misdemeanors. As such, this can really be a great tool for you to know more about a particular individual before even trying to establish rapport with that person. Criminal records in the state can be accessed from the Division of Justice Criminal Services.
New York is an open records state. Thus, this conveys that anyone in the state can request access for copies of criminal cases recorded by the Division of Justice which is the agency responsible for maintaining copies of such records. Contained in this Division are the state’s criminal history fingerprint files which are used to offer police departments and other legal agencies with criminal records of arrested persons, and where authorized by statute, applicants for employment or licensure.
The Criminal Identification Unit, which functions under the Division of Justice Criminal Services, is responsible for overseeing criminal records for the state plus all fingerprints related with misdemeanor and felony convictions. To see to it that results are accurate, all requests for criminal records are finger-print based searches. The required fee is $61.50. Another agency where you may also acquire criminal records in the state is New York State Office of Court Administration which offers a statewide criminal history record search for a fee of $65.
The New York State Unified Court System, another agency involved in criminal background check within the state, supervises the Office of Court Administration. Such office is responsible for catering requests for copies of criminal records. In doing a background check where you investigate if somebody else has a criminal record or not, searches will be name-based unlike that of locating your personal criminal record which is fingerprint-based. Since 2009, New York has hired an outside company called L-1 Identity Solutions to aid conduct background checks.
For fingerprint-based searches, you must make an appointment with L-1 Identity Solutions in order to have your fingerprints taken. An application form must also be filled out in its entirety. Input your information such as your full name, address, phone number. Any aliases should be included on your application in case sealed records not linked to the fingerprints may be located with your request. Each alias and each date of birth is counted an additional search. The application form along with two forms of identification and fee can be mailed or submitted in person. The usual turnaround time takes seven to ten business days. The results can be mailed, emailed or picked up.
If you want a more efficient and a more practical way of acquiring criminal or arrest records public, instead of going through the traditional method, you can actually do it online. Simply look for independent online record providers and hire their services. You don’t have to worry as they have an online database accessible anytime you need to. What’s nice about this online method compared to the traditional one is that, you can obtain the records you want in a matter of minutes in lieu of the usual seven to ten business days. Best of all, you don’t need to pay for every request you make. A minimal fee will be required and with that, you can already have unlimited access to their database.

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