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For those who are interested in checking death records or death notices and want to do it free or pay a minimal amount, there are online sites that offer such services. It is faster and more convenient especially for those who only require minimal data or information.

Public records such as birth,Guest Posting marriage and death records are wonderful sources of information that might come handy in certain situations. New York Death Records Free are especially important because it can affect the loved one’s situation after the person dies. Access to death records in New York can be quite confusing, as records are not kept in one location; all records are kept in the county clerk. However, it is indexed in two main repositories – The New York Department of Health and the New York Municipal Archives so one can actually go to the two locations to save time. For those who need death records prior to 1949, they can head to the Municipal Archives; for the succeeding years, records can be found at the NY Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
To be able to obtain these records, one must be qualified under the following circumstances – (1) relative of the deceased, (2) those who have legal rights, (3) obtained court order and those (4) who require the death records for medical purposes. Access for dead records outside the city can be gained from the clerk of the county where the event occurred.
Those who require the records for family history or genealogical purposes, they can check the Municipal Archives. Records dates back to years prior to 1949. As the Municipal Archive does not accept phone requests, researchers can email their request, mail it in or even walk in during office hours. The Office charges $15 for each record requested; however, walk in individuals could wait for the result and pay only $11. There are other services that the researcher might wish to have with their research and these could be adding (1) another year or borough to the search, (2) appending the copy with letter of exemplification and (3) additional copy. Charges depend on the additional services that one would avail of. 
Records, which date after 1949, are available from the New York Department of Health Office. To be able to request for records, one must present either (a) valid id with photo and/or (b) billing statement under the individual’s name. Those who request records for travelling to visa-required countries should present a copy of their passport to the office.
Each death record costs about $30 and can be requested via phone and mail. Those who request via the two options will be processed as priority handling. Additional charges of $15 are added to the total bill as well as $8 for vendor processing fee. Processing takes about 5 days to a week depending on the bulk of orders being processed. For those who want the records faster, they can avail of the UPS overnight express delivery with charges of $15.50.
As the Office does not accept online orders and credit card payments, applicants or those who are requesting the records can check out the partnered establishment of the Office. VitalChek processes almost all online requests. For those who require basic information such as death records or death notices, there are online search engines and sites from which one can obtain the information that they need.

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