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There are several website that can be found online would offer to obtain a copy of the state divorce records for you. However, one has to be careful in choosing a website since other may include a virus or a lot of ads on the results. 

Since the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act,Guest Posting the state of Ohio has allowed its local residents to gain access to their personal files. One of the public documents that the people can access in the state of Ohio is the Ohio Records Of Divorce
One would be able to find a lot of useful information on a public divorce record issued in the state of Ohio. The names of the involved individuals like the bride and groom are indicated on the document. One would be able to know the date and the place when the couple got married as well as when and where the divorce was finalized. The name of the judge who legalized the divorce is also indicated on the document. 
Divorce records are considered as public documents, as we know, but there are limitations on the information that can found on the record. One for the things that is kept away from public access is the reason for the separation. This was done to respect the privacy of the involved individuals. Other information such as the child custody and the asset and property division are also kept confidential to avoid issues coming from the public. 
In the state of Ohio, a divorce record can be requested at the office of the Vital Statistics Section. The public documents of the state are being archived in the said office. The office of the county clerk is also another place to check in order to get access to the needed document. Another way to obtain a copy of the said file is to use the services offered by third party companies. They can do the search for you; however one may need to pay more than the usual service fee for the retrieval process. The use of the Internet is now becoming a popular choice of many in the retrieval process of a divorce record. 
The state of Ohio is one of the many states that use technology to deliver information to its residents. The use of the Internet has allowed easy retrieval of the document needed. The search can be done anywhere that has Internet connection thus there is no need to visit any offices just to file the request. The results can also be obtained faster than any other method there is. 
State divorce records are now available through the use of a lot of websites. With all the websites popping up like mushrooms, one has to be able to identify legitimate ones. There some websites that offer a free search but the results may include ads, spam or viruses. Paid search are still preferred by many because of the quality of results they can get from it.

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