Retaining the Services of Social Security Disability Attorneys

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How do you retain the legal services of attorneys specializing in social security disability claims representation

It may not be surprising when,Guest Posting in the midst of your application for social security disability benefits you begin to wonder if retaining an attorney to assist you in the process would be worth your while.


Remember that filing an SSD claim is close enough to launching a battle against the social security disability system and the government. Having an attorney could make significant advantages for the battle you are undertaking.


Having a qualified attorney advocate for your claim could be the difference you need to get the closest chance of receiving the benefits you deserve.


If you do decide to retain one, make sure that the attorney has professional experience in handling social security disability claims and other social security and disability matters.


Aside from this, here are other things to consider in retaining a disability attorney to help with your claim or appeal for disability benefits:


  1. When getting a lawyer or an experienced non-attorney who had been disability examiners and employees of the Social Security Administration before, make sure that they can work based on a contingent system.


This means that they can represent you on your SSD or SSI disability application without expecting any fee until they win your claim for you.


  1. Assuming that you eventually won your claim and granted with SSD benefits by the Social Security Administration, the regular benefits you will be receiving every month need not be involved in your payment to your lawyer.


In such cases, your social security disability attorney or representative would be entitled to receive a fee equivalent to one-fourth of the back payments you will be receiving upon the approval of your claim.


Even then, the total amount he/she will be receiving need not exceed the maximum amount of $5300.


  1. If you do not know it yet, having a disability attorney to help you in your case is beneficial in more ways than several you are already aware of since the attorney is more familiar with social security's system regarding disability applications.


    • A disability attorney can obtain for you a copy of the Social Security's files on your case for him to evaluate properly the factors that could make your claim stronger. 
    • The attorney can gather your medical and health records, secure copies for further review by him/her. He or she will also be in the proper position to submit copies of these to the SSA as additional supporting documents to your disability claim files.


    • The disability lawyer can also make amends on how to request your disability hearing to be expedited due to a "dire need" especially when you are already experiencing awful financial difficulties.


In typical setting, your disability attorney can be a great help when you are already preparing for a petition hearing on your disability claim before the administrative law judge.


However, if you decide to retain a disability attorney even before this level in your social security disability claim, then he or she can assist you on myriad things concerning your social security disability case.

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