The Pathway to Moving Abroad Starts with Research and an Immigration Lawyer

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While you may think moving to a new country will lead to success, it is important to have a qualified immigration lawyer to assist you. Read on to learn more about the services they provide.

Jobs are hard to come by and the recession in the United States is continuing to worsen,Guest Posting so it is no wonder why many people are looking abroad to start again. While you may think moving to a new country will lead to success, laws are tightening all over the board, which means it is important to have a qualified immigration lawyer to assist you. Unless you possess dual citizenship, you will face a mountain of paperwork, confusing documents and deadlines, and many more obstacles before you can even begin to pack.


When you’ve made the decision to look abroad, you’ll want to invest some personal research before wasting time and money contacting an immigration lawyer. The country or countries you are considering may not have much better employment options or there simply may be no plausible way for you to migrate at this point in time. Most countries have websites that provide visa immigration including who they will sponsor, what skills are needed, and investor information. If you feel you meet the basic requirements or can acquire the necessary skills needed, then it is time to start gathering paperwork and consulting with an attorney to help you get started. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years, so it pays to be patient.


Not only is moving an entire house of furniture, people, and possibly pets going to be expensive, but hiring your immigration lawyer and paying for visa and assessment fees will start to add up. Even the simplest routes, such as through marriage, could end up costing you several thousands of dollars. If you are being sponsored by an employer, they should foot the bill for all visa costs, but sometimes may provide limited relocation allowances or will not cover your family’s airfare.

Be Flexible

Some countries are notoriously difficult to get into, and once you’re there you may never be safe from deportation and visa changes. The UK updates its visa policies at least twice a year and Australia has undergone several major overhauls in the past two years, leaving many people who were halfway through the process starting at the very beginning again. An immigration lawyer can be a great asset in keeping you up to date on changing policies that may help or hinder your progress. They can also make recommendations to help you speed up the process and make you a stronger candidate.

Explore Options

You may decide that you have to re-enroll in an expensive educational course to meet a country’s skill requirements, but after discussing your options with an experienced immigration lawyer you may discover a less expensive, simpler path. In Australia, for example, while the whole of the country has one list of job shortages that qualify for independent visas, each state has their own regional lists which can vary greatly. Just because you can’t qualify to be a teacher or a doctor in one area, doesn’t mean that your skills are not needed elsewhere.

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