Valuable Reminders to Prevent Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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How to avoid being injured during motorcycle accidents

Nationwide,Guest Posting fatalities due to motorcycle accidents have increased in number. In California, particularly, deaths related to motorcycle accidents have increased in number, considerably and steadily as the years passed.


In Los Angeles, fatalities due to motorcycle accidents have also increased on a steady trend. Last 1999, 42 died as a result of motorcycle accident. After seven years, in 2006, the number of deaths doubled to over 80. Lately, during the first quarter and middle of the second quarter of this year, 2007, 34 persons died because of motorcycle accidents.


Factors to the rise of motorcycle death and injuries


  • The steady rise of motorcycle accident occurrences and the fatalities caused by these in California and all other states in the country is due to the increased numbers of motorcycles on the streets and highways.


As the number of motorcycle riders occupying the roads grew, so are the other vehicles competing with the increasing traffic on the roads.


  • According to officials of the California Highway Patrol, another factor that contributes to the rise in fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents is the many number of inexperienced riders cruising on the roads.


Many young motorcycle riders nowadays are too inexperienced to be completely aware of the danger they are exposing themselves in case an accident occurs. Almost 90% of all motorcycle riders who have been involved in accidents were just taught by friends or self-taught


Topmost reasons of motorcycle accidents


  1. Speeding
  2. Riding under the influence of liquor or drugs


Most motorcycle riders are instantly killed if the accident involved a collision with other motor vehicles.


If you are a fan of motorcycle riding, nothing else may ever be compared to the thrill you get when racing onto the streets and feeling the wind blowing into your face. However, it is still important to keep in mind that every motorcycle accident is tragic and terrible on the part of the victim, which is commonly the rider.


Based from the factors and reasons of motorcycle accidents, here are several helpful information in preventing such devastating incidents.


  1. Make an effort to be trained professionally about motorcycles and motorcycle riding.


  1. Before venturing to ride out in your motorcycle, make sure to have your license to drive.


  1. If you are going to be out riding, do not drink any liquor.


  1. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a given standard of helmets to wear as protective gear while riding. Make sure to secure one of these.


  1. Use protective gears and clothing like sun shades, over-the-ankle boots, long pants, jacket and full-fingered gloves. Make sure that these gears and clothing are made of materials resistant to abrasion.


It is also wise to wear garments with bright colors, as these will help for other drivers and riders to notice you.


  1. Monitor your motorcycle regularly and make sure that it is properly maintained.


  1. When out riding, always maintain the proper lane position of your motorcycle. This will help in further increasing your visibility to other drivers. Keep up an adequate space between your motorcycle and other vehicles.


  1. Cars and other big vehicles are not advisable to share lanes with. The drivers of these vehicles are usually on the look out for the other bigger vehicles that they may not become aware of you being there alongside them until an accident has already happened.


  1. Do not overestimate your skills in riding. Always be conscious of your skill level.


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