Various Types of Retirement Benefits

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Different kinds of benefits for retirement

As there are a variety of different agencies that will jump at the chance and honor of becoming in charge of your financial plans for retirement,Guest Posting so are there various kinds of retirement benefits options for you to choose from.


The federal government itself, through its Social Security retirement benefits program for workers empowers you to receive payments after you have retired. The payments are based on the period you have been employed and social security taxes you have contributed.


Different kinds and sources of retirement plans / benefits


  • Disability benefits
  • Social security benefits
  • Private savings
  • Veterans benefits


Overviews of the different kinds of retirement plans


  • Social security retirement benefits – this program allows many profits for more workers since it has wide – range and exclusive benefit options. This program already has a proven history of endowing worker – contributors with tremendous social benefits. Aside from benefits for its contributor, it also extends occasional support to its non-members, and many other humanitarian programs.


The latest update regarding membership of American citizens in the Social Security System is up to more than 96%.


The social security grants retirees with guaranteed lifetime benefits by means of a check paid every month. The amount of the check payment is adjusted each year according to the inflation for retirees who have met the following requirements:


-         Work coverage of 40 credits or at least 10 years of receiving substantial earnings subjected to self-employment or social security taxes.


-         Have reached 62 years old and above


-         Have filed for the retirement benefit


It is important to remember that if you have checked out your eligibility for such benefit, then you must file an application to receive it. You are not entitled to receive such benefit if you did not take time to apply for it.


In calculating the benefit you will be receiving, the social security also depends largely on the number of years you have contributed to the taxes to determine the retirement payment you will be receiving every month. The general principle though is that, the later you filed your retirement notice, the higher the amount of your pension and retirement interest.


Recently, the full retirement age is 65 but one can already retire starting the age of 62. There are some unusual cases wherein early retirement became possible.


  • Disability benefits – some people have experienced being physically helpless or unable to take care of themselves as a result of a catastrophic or traumatic accident. Meanwhile, some become incapacitated because of a health condition.


If this happened to you and medical findings determined that, you are bound to such conditions for up to or more than 12 months, then you need to file an application for disability benefits.


When you file for SSD benefits, you can also get full retirement benefits similar to those being received by retirees who fulfilled the full retirement age. However, you will be required to present a complete medical certification from a hospital accredited by the social security.


  • Private savings – this along with retirement pension plans can be another productive option for retiring workers who are interested in maximizing their pensions and other benefits, like health care plans once they have reached retirement.


However, this kind of retirement benefit option may be expensive and requires higher contribution amount and longer period.


* Veterans benefits – the law protects veterans and their family members by providing them with some government dividends. This entitles to various benefit programs like health care, specifically designed for them. 

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