When You Need To Hire Oakland Workers Comp Attorney

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In this guide, we discuss the need for hiring an Oakland Workers Comp Attorney and how you can benefit when hiring them. read more

Suffering an injury at work is stressful,Guest Posting and what adds to the stress is the fact that you have no time to waste and have to start planning for your next course of action. The biggest of all decision is whether or not to hire an Oakland workers comp attorney. You may have come across several stories where people have represented themselves in such cases. For arguments sake you can file your claim without hiring the services of a Workers compensation attorney in Oakland, but it isn’t the wisest thing to do. You may be undercompensated, or your claim may be rejected altogether. Here we shall discuss some of the reasons why and when you need to hire an Workers Comp Attorney Oakland CA

You Don’t Understand The Law
Irrespective of what you have heard and read so far about the ease of representing yourself in a compensation claim, it is no cake walk. There are nuances to this process ,and you will have to build a strong knowledge in the law and how your injury is evaluated to make your claim. This is easier said than done when you have to deal with your medical treatment and recovery therapies. This can be a risky proposition when your employer isn’t cooperating as your lack of understanding about Workers’ Compensation Law can be used by the insurers to deny you fair compensation. Hiring an attorney to represent you would be a better proposition as they can play the hard ball with the insurance companies.

Your Employer Isn’t Cooperating

Employers are duty bound to offer insurance coverage to their employees and most of them do support their employees in the aftermath of an injury. It is important for you to report your injury to the employer and seek treatment from their medical network and they further guide you in claiming compensation. You will have to fill a form provided by your employer to claim compensation. There are instances when employers refuse to honour claims by their injured workers or contest the compensation amount as a means of cutting down on costs. In such a scenario you need to seek help from a workers’ compensation attorney in Oakland to protect your rights.

Injury Has Affected Your Ability To Work     
Not every injury heals with time and there are instances when an injury can leave behind a life-long problem. From partial disability to a problem that prevents you from going back to the same job role, there are many ways in which injuries can affect you. Your ability to go back to your previous income levels and lifestyle may get affected. Here your fight isn’t just about the lost wages and the cost of medical treatment but rehabilitation for the future. There is lot of discrepancy in how your injury is evaluated and rated and you aren’t likely to receive a fair deal if you aren’t aided by an Oakland workers comp attorney.

Your Employer Retaliates

This is rare but this isn’t unheard of. There are employers who have gone to the extent of charging their workers for injuries on flimsy grounds. Even if you have been injured at the workplace in an altercation with another employee or the injury happened off-duty hours, your compensation claim cannot be denied. In the State of California a “no-fault insurance system” is followed where workers are eligible for compensation regardless of the reasons behind the injury. Hence, if your employer has retaliated it is within your rights to fight it out and you will need the services of a good attorney to defend your rights and interests.

To conclude, every worker suffering injury at workplace knows the benefits in hiring an Oakland workers comp attorney instead of self-representation. Fear of attorney bills is something that acts as a barrier from hiring one.

If you have such worries in mind, you should push them aside as top-rated workers compensation attorney in Oakland would work on no-compensation no-fee basis. Hence, there is no out-of-pocket expenditure when you are claiming compensation and other benefits with the help of an attorney. They only ask for a small share of the compensation amount you receive and do everything possible to make sure you get the highest compensation you are eligible for.

Summary: In this guide, we discuss the need for hiring an Oakland Workers Comp Attorney and how you can benefit when hiring one.


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