Why and When You Should Hire a Professional Unlawful Termination Attorney

Sep 16


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Keep reading the article to determine incidences when you should hire an unlawful termination lawyer and why.


Have you been suddenly fired from your job and wondering about its cause? If so,Why and When You Should Hire a Professional Unlawful Termination Attorney Articles then for your information that most employers in the US hire employees on ‘at will,’ terms, which means the employers have the liberty to fire any employee for a specific reason or even without any reason.

But, don’t be upset. Even if, you’re offered a job with ‘at will’ terms, however, according to federal law, your firing from the job will be treated as illegal if the reason behind it includes violation of anti-discrimination laws, breach of whistleblower laws, or breaching of your job contract. In fact, if you’re illegally terminated you may be eligible for compensation and to check whether it’s illegal, consult a professional unlawful termination attorney right away to address the matter. To know when an illegal termination occurs, continue reading the article.


Employers are strictly prohibited not to fire even those employees hired as ‘at-will’ by breaching its anti-discriminatory law. so, if your suspect you’re being fired on the basis of your race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender disability, or pregnancy, it’s time to talk to an unlawful termination attorney right now. Note carefully, to apply for a discrimination claim, there is a strict deadline failing which will make your claim void.

Violation of Job Contract

Having a written job contract is a steady source that can help your lawyer to get through its terms and conditions and ensure if your termination is illegal. For instance, if your employment contract states that you can be laid off for reasons explained in the contract. But, if you are fired for violating the rule, that it’s illegal.

Implied Promises

Implied promises mainly apply to the ‘at-will’ rule or agreements based on the factors your employer might have said or promised. Proving an implied promise is, however, quite challenging since the majority of employers are found very careful while making any promise. Further, implied contracts are mainly found whereas such promises are made to employees hired for a specified period and or permanent employees. To conclude whether it’s a violation of implied contract, an expert unlawful termination attorney may consider a number of factors which may include the length of your employment, the background of positive performance reports, regularity of promotions in the job, any assurance that you will have a continuing job, etc.

Breaching of Public Policy

A termination by violating the public policy is illegal. Here the public policy refers to the federal or state rules and regulations. For example, your employer fires you for

•    Taking time off work to put your voter right

•    Taking leave to as called by the court as a witness

•    Serving as a National Guard or in the military

For making a report to public departments’ pertaining to some misconduct by the employer which is harming to the employees or

•    Employers are not allowed by workplace law to fire an employee from retaliation for involving in any lawfully protected activity. Since proving retaliation is fairly challenging, make you hire an experienced unlawful termination attorney without fail. Here are few examples

•    You are a victim of sexual harassment and reported to your employer to look into the matter. However, due to your employer’s silence on this, you have reported the harassment to EEOC.

•    That you have reported to the state of public authorities regarding the toxic working environment of the workplace or your employer’s falsification in the company according. This is also known as whistleblowing law.