6 Important Tips For Link Building

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Links play very important role to improving organic search engine ranking of Websites. Here are some useful tips for quality link building as below:

Naturally Link: Links that occur naturally over time. These links can come in a variety of ways,Guest Posting whether it be from having great content, being link-worthy, or from personal interaction with other webmasters and website owners. these links can be the hardest to develop, can take the most time, but are usually the most rewarding and high value links you will have.

Different C-class IPs: Search engines look at IP addresses because it’s relatively easy to change your IP address within a given C-block, they will eventually start to get antsy with dozens of different IP addresses within the same C-block. That means that your link builders need to be able to gain access highly variable IP addresses quickly and efficiently to maximize the search engines’ opinion of their work.
Relevant Link: Search engine loves link on relevant sites so that choose only relevant category and relevancy websites for your backlinks because of the link comes from a site that is almost related to publishers site is more worth than a links that come from an unrelated topic website.  It is possible to outrank someone who has many more links then you by purchasing just a few very powerful relevant ones. It is not necessary that all your backlinks come from relevant sites, but the general rule is "the more the better".
High PR and DoFollow Link: Ensure the site you are getting a link from has a page rank.It is more beneficial to get a link off a page from another site that already has a page rank. Getting a link off one of these sites will enable some of this page rank ‘juice’ to be filtered onto your site increasing your own sites page rank.  It's not always essential but it certainly has more benefits to the progression of your site on a longer term basis if you can achieve this.Do Follow link attributes tell the search engines to Follow wherever a link on a site points to, thereby giving credit to the destination URL in the link.But If link submission site have either "nofollow meta tag" or "nofollow attribute" than avoid this type of site because of The NoFollow meta tag or attribute means that the link will offer no SEO benefits to your site.
Contextual Link Building: It's very important to have a wide variety of backlinks for your website which coming from all kind of white hat SEO link building techniques such as directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, blog networks, forum profiles, blog comments, web 2.0 profiles, video, RSS and press releases. 
Build Links from Authoritative Domains: Trying to focus on building less high quality links from authority sites to improve search engine ranking, rather than building hundreds of links on low quality pages. You can identify the high authority sites in Web using measurement tool.

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