5 actionable SEO tactics to keep the website in relevance

Apr 16


Nancy Hopkins

Nancy Hopkins

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This article lists some unconventional yet rewarding SEO tactics to bring traffic to a website. The article gives some interesting ideas on how to boost traffic. Research, uncommon link building strategies, Wikipedia links- all of them are talked about here briefly.


Business websites need to get traffic at all times. But bringing in new traffic to a website is not always easy. Sometimes,5 actionable SEO tactics to keep the website in relevance Articles one has to go the extra mile while strategizing content for their website. In this article, we discuss such 5 techniques with which one can build traffic to their website.

Using Google Adwords and Trends to find the right keywords

Getting the right keyword and using it in the content will help the prospect for an SEO company in Kolkata, who is trying to make an impact online. Google Trends can be a great source of keywords that digital marketers can use for their websites. Through Google Trends, one can use the top search queries as their main keywords. Another good place to search for the right keywords is Google Ads. When one needs to find the right keywords for their advertisement campaigns, one can look for those keywords in Google Ads or Adwords.

Adopting uncommon strategies to boost the website

Though it is recommended to use tried and tested techniques for your websites, sometimes it becomes useful to use out-of-the-box techniques. One can take heart from the fact that all top-rated websites have used and are still using unconventional techniques to boost their websites. Sometimes, doing as same as others can hurt a website. Chances are that it will get lost among many similar websites. To stand out into the crowd, one needs to experiment a bit with existing techniques. A creative approach can effectively bring in the desired outcome for your SEO.

Writing long posts for the website

Coming up with a blog idea for a website is easy. But many ignore the importance of writing a detailed post on the following topic. Writing a great long blog post for your website can do wonders. It puts the website up in the ladder in the search engines. Though these posts should maintain a certain standard. A proper combination of quality and quantity can push the website at the very top.


Augmenting the old articles and blogs of the website

Sometimes, the old posts require new points or talking points. So instead of coming up with new blog posts or articles, one can simply update the existing articles. By incorporating the new points, one can keep their website in relevance. This is especially useful as it saves a lot of time. To execute this task, one can think of hiring an SEO company in Kolkata. They will gladly comply with this task.

Getting traffic from Wikipedia

Wikipedia has many broken links in its pages. An intelligent way to boost a website is to include the topics of these broken links to the contents of the website and link the pages with Wikipedia. A lot of people will curiously come to these pages looking for information, and thus the task of getting people right into a particular website is completed. This is a clever technique that many website builders use to gain traffic.


These are some of the ways with which one can keep the flow of traffic into their websites. You can consult an SEO company in Kolkata for further information. They will suggest the best methodology that is required for your website.

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