5 Unique Ways to Use Toll-Free Number

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Toll-Free Number can not be only used in customer service operation. A toll-Free number can be used in many ways. In this article, the five unique ways of using toll-free numbers have been discussed.


Communication without any hindrance with customers is a crucial part of running a business successfully. It is a must for a business organization that they need to be always available and connected with their customers. An India Toll-Free Number solution is the smartest unidirectional channel where customers became satisfied when they can call you for free.


It’s a motivational factor for the customer when they find that they can resolve any of their query regarding product,5 Unique Ways to Use Toll-Free Number Articles pricing, and anything from the business organization for free. So Toll-Free number is a customer engagement tool considered by any business organization. India Toll-free number not only increases the business client interaction, but it also increases the marketing and branding value of the business organization. Apart from these general uses, there are some unique ways by which an 1800 number can help your business. The unique ways to use Toll-Free numbers are discussed in detail below.


Marketing analytics

1800 number can be used as a significant marketing tool that tracks inbound leads and sales effectively. A commercial organization can use a specific toll-free number for different campaigns. Now it will be easy to track the performance of different campaigns by just analyzing the specific toll-free number concerning the specific campaign. An 1800 number provider in India can provide the live monitoring and tracking dashboard features which can be used at any point in time to analyze the calling rate, pattern, and other things. Through the call recording feature, a business organization can analyze the customer's needs and cater to them more accurately. Tollfree number marketing tool can improve the service quality and can provide employee training as well.


Voting hotlines

Today Reality Shows on television are hot cake for the viewers. Most reality shows use voting technology to select or finalize a contestant. So, apart from the direct use of Indian Toll-Free numbers in marketing and customer service, toll-free number solutions are hugely used as voting hotlines. In India using the toll-free number in reality show became a normal and must activity. Through the voting hotline, a viewer can cast their vote for their favorite contestant. By this, a viewer is getting more connected with the show. It cost them zero to cast their votes that is why viewers are getting motivated to vote. Every contestant is assigned a specific number which the viewers can call to cast their votes.


Promotion via vanity numbers

Today the biggest challenge for a business organization to make a place in customer's minds in this highly competitive market. In this situation, a toll-free number can help you to create a distinctive place in the market as well as in the customer’s mind. Easy to recall and customized numbers concerning your organization are called vanity numbers. A vanity number is a very eye catchy number from the customer's point of view. It is a wise investment for the business organization to invest in Vanity Number. Essentially, these are special types of numbers that allow a business organization to include its brand’s name in an alpha-numeric form depending upon the company name or the service it delivers. Vanity Number connects the potential customers with your business’s unique number and generates regular calls which result in higher sales.


Government services

Government departments often use a toll-free number solution where citizens can call to get the required answer to their questions which is basically regarding the basic public services. People who are planning to apply or renew their passports, voter, and other cards, for example, can easily get all the required information by calling a specific department's toll-free helpline number. Similarly, there are specialized voice portals like railways train information (example – 139), diseases, epidemics (example – COVID-19), laws, and guidelines.


Election campaigns

Recently toll-free number is hugely used in political campaigns as well. Political Parties use this technology to build a professional image for the voters. Now it is becoming easier to engage the voter base as they have access to a free phone number that a voter can call without spending anything. Supporters of any political party can easily call and connect with their selected political candidates and can provide their valuable feedback as well. At the meantime, political parties can track the location of their supporter who calls them and can use the information to collect insights about their strong and weak areas. They can fix their political campaigns according to the collected information.