The Skills, Traits and Values of Successful Managers

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What skills, traits and values do successful managers have that gives them an edge? 

How often have you heard people complain that managers are too remote and don’t really know what is going on?  Probably a number of times,Guest Posting but have you ever stopped to think about the skills, traits and values of the successful managers?  Here are my 9:

1.                  Productive

The most successful managers are highly productive.  They get things done.  You have probably heard people say that if you want something done give it to a busy person.  Another way of looking at it is to say that if you want something done give it to a highly productive manager.

2.                  Set challenging goals

Successful managers love to be stretched, challenged and thrown into the unfamiliar situations.  Setting challenging goals is about setting goals that that are achievable but will require a big push to make it happen.  It might be a sales target, a reduction in waste or increased productivity.

3.                  Express ideas fluently

It is no good being great at generating ideas unless you can express them.  Getting your message across is essential.  Those that excel as managers focus on this core area.

4.                  Communicate assertively

Confusion often arises between what is assertive as opposed to aggressive communication.  When a manager communicates assertively they respect both themselves and others.  They have a knack of getting results without impacting adversely on the relationship.

5.                  Technically competent

Sometimes it easy to fall into the trap of believing that technically competent equates to being the technical expert.  Technical ability is just one facet of a manager and a manager who is competent will often include others in the team who are the technical experts.

6.                  Lead the team

Teams look for the manager to set the direction, monitor progress, take responsibility and help unclear blocks.  In other words they look to their manager to provide leadership.

7.                  Loyal and supportive

It is easy to think that when someone becomes successful as a manager they forget about the past.  In my experience it is quite the reverse.  Successful managers are very loyal to the organisation, their team and peers.  They also want to help others to achieve success.

8.                  Positive approach to problems

Problems and challenges are part of day to day life as a manager.  Successful managers accept this and stay positive.  They see these problems as an opportunity to develop and grow.

9.                  Prepared to make sacrifices

Becoming a successful manager requires a willingness to make sacrifices.  This can include giving up free time to get additional qualifications or a willingness to relocate to secure a promotion.  Alternatively it might be a willingness to wait to get resources for a project because there is a more pressing need elsewhere in the organisation.

Skills alone do not ensure success as a manager.  Personal traits and values are also essential ingredients.  So where do you need to focus your efforts to become a more successful manager?

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