4 Marketing Basics Will Get You to 6-Figures and Beyond

Oct 5


K Summerhawk

K Summerhawk

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There are four key areas where many business owners let fear make their decisions for them instead of tapping into the grace and ease of Divine Guidance.  Discover a simple checklist for quieting fear and self-doubt to create a 6-figure (or beyond) business.


If someone had looked in a crystal ball back when I first started my business and predicted that I would create a 7-figure coaching business,4 Marketing Basics Will Get You to 6-Figures and Beyond Articles I think I would have snorted, and said, "Excuse me, but what are you smoking?!"

The truth is when I first started my business I just wanted to make as much money as I had when I was at my j-o-b.  Believe me, that number wasn't even close to 6-figures, much less 7.

But something shifted when I saw that 6-figures was possible. I became intrigued to figure out what it would take to reach that magical milestone.

The biggest "A-ha!" came when I started including Divine Guidance (read, intuition) in every marketing or business decision.

Now, remember that intuition is not fear or self-doubt. Those emotions are just trying to sidetrack you from stepping into your place of power. You can tell if it's fear or self-doubt because you'll find yourself saying things like, "It's not the right time" or "I don't think I'm ready yet."

Sorry, gals, that's fear speaking. How do I know? Because fear gives you reasons not to do something, while Divine Guidance places opportunities at your feet.

Okay…so, what does Divine Guidance have to do with reaching 6-figures and beyond, all with grace, ease and simplicity?


After coaching thousands of women business owners I've discovered that there are four key areas where you may be letting fear make your decisions, instead of tapping into the grace and ease of Divine Guidance.

If you're serious about creating a 6-figure business (or beyond), here's a simple checklist you can use to make sure you're connecting with the full power of Divine Guidance, instead of playing small due to fear or self-doubt.

I recommend printing these tips out and taping them to your wall or bulletin board as a daily reminder to integrate Divine Guidance into your marketing. This, more than anything else, will help you leap into 6-figures (or beyond) in a way that is powerfully authentic for YOU!

Tip #1: Choose Your Tribe of Ideal Clients

Getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is will help make your marketing fast, easy and powerful to implement. Understand that a "refuse to choose" attitude is simply fear holding you back.

Don't make choosing your niche a big deal, okay? Simply look at the people most like you, who want to know how to do something that you find simple and easy. Ask Divine Guidance to make this clear for you. Just be sure not to discount or ignore the answer that your intuition gives you!

Hint: if your current ideal client hasn't been responding well to your marketing then chances are good you've been playing small. Now is the time to specialize. Don't ignore how important this is because specialists make a big impact for others, and make big money!

Tip #2: Stop Trying to Grow Your List by Dribs and Drabs and Instead Grow Your List by the Hundreds, Even by the Thousands

If you're serious about creating a 6-figure business, you'll need to step up and make yourself known to others who can direct hundreds, if not thousands, of people to you.

Ask your intuition, "What do I need to do to create a powerful, confident presence with the people who market to my ideal clients?" For example, the action my intuition guided me to take was to ask famous people in my industry for testimonials for my info products. I got nearly all of the ones I asked for, which led to JV opportunities. In one month alone I grew my list by over 25%!

Tip #3: offer a System, Not Just a Service

If you haven't yet offered a system then you're going to be shocked at how much easier it is to sign up new clients! People love systems because they offer them a feeling of security and reassurance that you know what you're doing and it will work for them.

The power of offering a system will give you immediate attention and credibility. So, whether you create your own or find it's faster and easier for you to get training and use someone else's, just do it.

Tip #4: Stop Being Afraid of "How You'll handle More Business" and Start Seeing Opportunities to Expand Your Impact

Feeling fearful about how you would handle more business simply means you have the desire to have more business, but don't just yet have the specific know-how or strategies to make your business expandable. No worries. All you need to do is find a mentor who's walked the path you want. Your mentor will help give you answers, resources and tools to make your business simple, easy and fun to run while it grows.

The trick is this:  Do not let FEAR of growth keep you from taking action to expand your business (or yourself).

If you look at every obstacle as an opportunity to request help from Divine Guidance, you'll quickly find yourself, as I did, moving easily into 6-figures.  You will then find, just as quickly, yourself expanding effortlessly into even greater amounts of money, marketing and soul!

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