9 marketing trends that you want to follow

Feb 29


James Sun

James Sun

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Few shares for marketing trends that are going to be dominant in the near future.


With marketing industry rapid evaluation and changes, 9 marketing trends that you want to follow Articles marketers are trying to guess what will be the next big trends to follow.

Here are few that I find gaining acceleration with chances to become the next thing:

1) Better use for Big data

Big data, refers to the ever-increasing volume and complexity of information.For marketers these are things like: click through rates, browsing behavior, social media interactions, on-line purchase data, mobile usage.

Collection and analyzing big amount of data over many years can help to:Understand customers better, keep them loyal and to find ways for optimizing marketing effort's and performance.

2) Mobile devices will dominant in marketing

All mobile devices-smart phones, tablets, gadgets, etc will have bigger place, as users increase the usage and as the technology seek ways to minimize and mobilize things.

3) Users ask for more visual content

We’ll see more use of visual aids and rich graphic as : infographics ,flashs, smart forms.Marketers will create this aids more easily with new tools purpose to create this type of content.

4) Video marketing is on acceleration

We see already today many usages with video for product and content promotion.Few good tools are already there to allow easy creation of videos (as Wideo, Animoto) and will probably going to see much more use of micro videos to push content.

5) Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

CRO is something that marketers always want to improve.Increasing the percentage of visitors who convert into customers is a success.New ways to better CRO are showing all the time and we’ll see more specific ones according to the platform.For instance, use of lead generation that works best for a specific social network.

6) Personalized, data-driven marketing

Data driven marketing is based on relationship-building with customers.Offering customers more personal and tailored content for their needs and not using one flavor for all.Marketers who focus on relationship building will have bigger success among their potential targeted audience.

7) Content marketing

Creating and distributing valuable, relevant and focused content to clearly-defined audience, is a thing that will always work in my opinion.It’s just a matter of what shape it will take.People who seek for the ‘right content’ (yours!) are there, and you just have to reach them. Here are few ideas of better ways to use social media to increase Engagement.

8) More use of Automation

Using tools for automation is something that markets does all the time and is also on constant change.The ways you create and distribute your content today, is different than few years ago and will be different in the coming years.

Automation to the right channels, more tools for collaboration ,integration of more social networks -are the key points.

9) User will help to generate more content

Users are big part of the marketing plan and I think will have bigger place.More interaction with users thru social media channels, on line reviews, blog posts commenting, polls and direct reach.This leads to more applications where users will actually help in creating and promoting your content.

No body really can tell what will be next, but the ones who spotted it first, can gain a lot for this. Which trends do you think will be dominant in marketing in the near future?