An Ingenious Way to Sabotage Your Competitor's Ads

Jun 18


Ellisen Wang

Ellisen Wang

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Here's a strategy that you can use to sabotage your competitor's ads if you're a heartless sociopath.


I currently have a project going on where a group of colleagues and I are consulting a local skincare startup company. Specifically,An Ingenious Way to Sabotage Your Competitor's Ads Articles we’re helping them with their marketing strategies.

Once a week, we’d have a group call to talk about our progress, updates, and our next steps.

On Wednesday, we had our weekly call and one of the members said something very interesting.

He said that a former mentor told him that,

“If you ever come across one of your competitor’s ads, click on it as many times as you can.”


For the sole purpose of sabotage. To drain their ad budget and skew their data.

When I first heard that, I thought that was pretty funny. But now I’m questioning this mentor’s ethics.

Although it theoretically can work, do I approve of it?

No way.

I know firsthand how expensive it is to run ads, and how much time it takes to test and optimize them. Especially now since I recently started using Facebook ads again and actually taking the time to do some split-testing.

That’s actually one of the list building methods I talk about in How to Become an Email Titan. I talk about several more methods that I’ve personally used and seen results with that are not as sabotage-able. And they’re cost-free too, but not as fast unfortunately. If you need a refresh, you can read about them on page 13 of the sample chapters.

Once you get people onto your list, it’s time to start sending them your emails. Ideally, you want them to be educational and fun to read. And that’s something I only go into a bit in the sample chapters.

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