Entrepreneurs or Contrepreneurs?

Oct 28


Ellisen Wang

Ellisen Wang

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There are a lot of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs on the Internet, but they're not always what they seem to be.


Back in February,Entrepreneurs or Contrepreneurs? Articles a friend and I attended a launch event for Motorola’s Razr smartphone.

In a way, it was still a networking event except it was a little bit different for me.

Most of the people at the event were in the creative industry, specifically photography and modeling.

So unfortunately, I couldn’t relate to a lot of people I spoke to and mainly listened to my friend’s conversation with the people there since he's a photographer too.

Sometimes people approached him. Other times he made the first approach. He’d talk to people that are out and about, and people who are alone, leaning by the wall.

But during the event, he did make an offhand comment that I did relate to.

He said that the quiet people who lay low at the dark corners and people-watch at these kinds of events are the real deal, and the people with the loud mouths just want to impress others.

I kind of agree with that statement.

Just take a look at the online business world.

There are a lot of Internet Business Mentors out there who have millions of YouTube subscribers and claim to have made six or seven figures by using one of the online business models you probably hear commonly.

They’re either affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Kindle publishing, etc.

I won’t name names, but if you look up these business models on YouTube, you’ll see certain big names pop up repeatedly on the search results. And because they have such a large audience, they seem trustworthy.

But actually, some people have claimed that the opposite is true for a lot of these people.

That they’re actually not who they say they are.

That they really make money from selling their pricey courses rather than their actual businesses using the models they teach others.

There are actually some content creators out there who cover this exact topic. But I’ll let you do your own research and come up with your own opinions.

Just something to keep in mind.

That ends my short PSA for today.

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