Apple iPad’s Popular from Print Advertising to Online Social Media

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This article will describe how the new Flipboard feature for iPad presents a new opportunity for businesses to take advantage of Social Media Networks and the world of Online Marketing, and is an example of how print ads may soon be left in the dust.

The marketing world has witnessed a dramatic shift in dominance from print and television advertising to digital advertising,Guest Postingparticularly in the context of social media.A new application for Apples popular iPad is creating a lot of buzz,and is a perfect example of this shift.iPads new Flipboard app,developed by Mike McCue,former CEO of Tellme,and Evan Doll,a former iPhone engineer at Apple,is a social media magazine of sorts.The application allows pictures,stories,and articles from your friends social media sites to form into a professional-looking magazine on your iPad.This application perfectly represents how print magazines,newspapers,and even television advertisements are becoming obsolete as communication and marketing tools.As magazine and newspaper sales slump,social networking sites gain thousands of new users by the day.Today,companies are recognizing the importance of increasing investment in social media marketing,by utilizing platforms like Facebook,Twitter,and MySpace in order to reach an engaged and active audience,and to better utilize search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising techniques.Social Media Marketing represents the opportunity for companies to target specific audiences,who they know to already be active consumers.In addition to Social Media Marketing,effective Web Design is also becoming increasingly important to marketers.Without an effective website design,the flood of online consumers will overlook your page.Email marketing is another aspect of marketing being used more and more to reach online users.With the fall of print marketing and advertising comes the rise of digital marketing and advertising specifically that of Social Media Marketing.Coupled with effective web design and intelligent email marketing strategiesFeature Articles,social media marketing can be used to garner the attention of the many consumers flocking online.

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