Are Cheap Custom Envelopes Possible?

Mar 25


Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus

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Is it possible to have cheap custom envelopes

Custom envelopes are used typically for special purposes,Are Cheap Custom Envelopes Possible? Articles such as sending official mails and direct mail marketing campaigns. With envelope printing as expensive as it is, many people are really trying to find the cheapest possible alternative.

Luckily, printing cheap custom envelopes is not just a dream. You can really lessen your custom envelope printing costs if you are determined enough and creative enough to find a way.

Black and white, but loving it - For some people, the easiest and cheapest way to print cheap custom envelopes is to print black and white. Since most custom envelope designs are small and only cover just an essential part of an envelope, it is very easy to adapt a design for black and white printing. Since most designs usually involve company logos and tag lines, printing and black and white should have little or no trouble as the designs are translated to it.

Take note though that if your custom envelope design is very intricate and requires different subtle shades, then you might need to print full color custom envelopes instead. As such, either you have a simple effective design for black and white printing which is cheaper, or you invest on some money and go full color. Do not fret though if you cannot sacrifice your color, there are still some things that you can do to save money in printing envelopes.

Cheap envelope printing - The printing process itself can be adjusted for cheap custom envelope printing. All you need to do is to learn about the envelope printing options. The most common aspect that you can adjust is its paper stock. Some envelope printing services offer different types of paper stock in varying degrees of thickness and coatings.

There can be thicker and stronger envelopes for tougher mails, or there can be also glossy types of papers that add a special sheen on the envelopes. Your cheapest option of course is to print in regular paper with no fancy coatings whatsoever. Depending on your budget, maybe you can invest in a little improvement in paper quality to give your envelopes some chance of attracting people. Otherwise, you can just print custom envelopes in regular paper.

Of course, if you feel like your local envelope printer is still a bit on the expensive side, you can move on to other cheaper alternatives in terms of a printer. Many online printing companies in the World Wide Web offer very cheap prices when it comes to ordering custom envelopes. Just be sure to order in bulk so that you can maximize your savings in envelope printing.

Other alternatives - Of course, if actual custom envelope printing is still out of your budget’s league, then you also have the option to create your own custom envelopes at home. All you need are printable sticker paper, some off the shelf envelopes, a printer and a computer.

To do this, you can design a simple envelope header or design in your computer and then print them up on your printers using the sticker paper. Afterwards, you only need to cut them up, and then paste them on to your off the shelf envelopes. Once the sticker sets in, you should have a nice alternative to formal custom envelope printing.

So cheap custom envelope printing is truly possible, even in these hard times. All you need to do is to learn about the envelope printing process, and identify the areas where you can save money. Good Luck!