But, What If I'm Not A Writer?

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... you ... ... just need toto apply ... perhaps I was pushing the limit just a bit. As Iwas writing this, I had a picture come to mymind of a movie I once saw, I do

"Ah...but you are...lil grasshoppa...you just need to
to apply yourself!"

Ok,Guest Posting perhaps I was pushing the limit just a bit. As I
was writing this, I had a picture come to my
mind of a movie I once saw, I don't remember
the name of it, but a young boy said "But...what if I can't"
to his teacher and that was how the teacher

This does not negate the fact that we are ALL
capable of writing and if you hang with me for a few
minutes I will show you 3 types of articles you can write,
with very little effort at all...sound good??

First though, what is all the fuss about writing articles
anyway? I mean, every guru you see lists writing articles,
if not in their top 3 marketing strategies for building success,
it's at least in the top 5. Let me tell you quickly why articles can be
such an effective marketing tool for you.

Writing articles is a fantastic way of creating trust and building
rapport with a target audience. Use this strategy consistently and
provide good valid information it, eventually, will also peg you
as an "expert." It's also a subtle way of getting your message
out , well let's be honest here...it's free advertising. (I'll show
you how that works in a sec).

Ok...so you know why articles are an effective marketing tool
what about the how?? Glad you asked (lil grasshoppa).

3 Types of Articles

Tips List

If you subscribe to a few newsletters you may notice (and if
you haven't you will now...) that many of the articles are made
up of a tips list. This is the most widely used form of all article types.

15 Things You Wish Your Wife Knew About Football,
12 Ways to Losing Weight Fast,
101 Off the Wall Marketing Ideas...and so on.

The "Tips List" is the easiest article to write, which of course is
why they are so popular. Each tip consists of around 2-4 sentences,
nothing too earth shattering, just good quality information. All you
need is a basic knowledge of the subject on which you wish to write.
From there you write a sentence outlining the tip and 2-4 sentences
to explain each tip.

Once you write a tips list that is current and focuses on a new idea
or new concept, well champ..."you're in there" because everyone
will be interested in reading it.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Another "bang on" form of article that is ALWAYS read. If "step-by-step"
scares you a little (I may be wrong here, but I thought I heard you suck in
your breath there...) then how about refering to it as the "How To" article?

Everyone and their dog wants to know "How To" do something. We
want to have instructions broken down into little bite sized pieces
that we can easily understand and follow. For example, if you
were writing a "How To Write an Effective Auction Listing"
your first step would be to explain the headline and continue
with as many steps as it took to complete the task. Pretty easy
stuff, huh??


Another good form of article and again this one which takes
very little time. Write 10-15 questions on a particular topic
you know is hot right now, approach an "expert" that is well
known in that area and ask them if they would mind taking
the time to answer you questions.

For example, you have done some research and found that
the hottest topic online with respect to running an eBusiness
is how to build traffic. You know there are a few good "experts"
out there, so you design 10-15 questions and then go to one
"expert" and explain what you are doing - send them the
questions...and Voila - it's a done deal!

If you're eBusiness happens to deal with health issues,
find out what the hot health issue is right now, design the
questions and go to the "expert" in that area.

The best thing about this form of article is that all the work is
basically done for you. The 10-15 questions are answered
by your expert and all you have to write is the introduction
and conclusion.

And you didn't think you could write...

Now...where does the free advertising come in? It comes in
the form of the Resource Box. A resource box is about 3-5 lines
and follows your article. This little box lets people know who wrote
the article with a bit more info on what you do and where you can
be found. That my friend, is an advertisement promoting you and
your business.

After you have written your article, let it start working for
you. Get it into the hands of as many ezine publishers as you
can. Publishers are always looking for new, quality content
for their issues. Approach them with your article!

The end result?

You are building trust, creating rapport and being pegged as
an "expert." Plus the more exposure that article gains...the
more people visit :o)

So... Are you just going to sit there "lil grasshoppa" and join
those who have said they can't write?? Or are you
going to try your hand at one or all of the forms of articles
I just showed you and get them working for you?

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