Entrepreneur Claims to Earn $8,000 in One Day via Facebook Ads

Aug 24


Karen Barney

Karen Barney

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The whole argument over clicks vs. popularity in online marketing circles is getting out of hand. See what clicks were worth to one savvy entrepreneur.


Everyone you ask seems to have their own opinion about how much clicks are actually worth.While many believe that you can gauge an endeavors web presence and popularity by page clicks alone,Entrepreneur Claims to Earn $8,000 in One Day via Facebook Ads   Articles others are more discerning.Some, like the startup Limited Run, believe that most, if not practically all clicks on ads, blogs, and webpages are coming from bots.This point, however, has come under some major fire.Take one entrepreneur who put this theory to the test, and profited from it.In this real life example of spectacular results, one man is claiming to have made eight thousand dollars in one day and all from ads he placed on Facebook! Its tough to take this statement at face value, but the businessman is saying that he can provide proof that there is some benefit to this kind of ad placement, and that not all clicks are to be mistrusted.The entrepreneur in question is Brendan Irvine-Broque the director of growth for the operation PageLever.In a recent post on his personal blog, that has since gone viral, he claims to have made ten thousand dollars over the course of one day at an event he hosted himself.He says that on Saturday, May 12, he held an event in his own back yard during which he sold vinyl records for three dollars a pop and ended up selling six thousand in one go! Irvine-Broque was once the operator of a business that sold vintage vinyl records, so he had quite a stockpile that he was hoping to get rid of.Overall, he estimates that he spent roughly two thousand dollars for most of the records that he ended up selling at this event.He kept his marketing costs low by creating a simple Facebook Event and sharing it on the same platform.He did, however, invest in about $150 worth of ads on Facebook to promote the event further.Through this simple marketing, he managed to get 341 people to say yes to his event and 104 people to say maybe.By the time the event wrapped, Irvine-Broque counted out ten thousand dollars in cash, with over three thousand records sold in a single afternoon.Most of the customers, if not the vast majority, only knew about the event through Facebook.Obviously, Irvine-Broque does not invest very much in the idea of clicks from bots.In his opinion, clicks from Facebook are about as real as you can get right now.He seems to think that, oftentimes, businesspeople who have successful campaigns on Facebook are not open about it, for fear that competitors will steal their tactics.Only time will tell how much good you can do for your business on Facebook, and how inflated, if at all, the statistics involving page views really are.But, at least in Irvine-Broques casePsychology Articles, Facebook is not a marketing technique to stare down your nose at.