Granite Profile Bits to do Easy Profiling of Countertops

Apr 7




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Granite is the choice of an overwhelming percentage of homeowners when it comes to countertops in kitchens. Even in commercial places, granite is used to make countertops because of its elegance and the ability to enhance the décor of the place.


There are many different types of edge profiles that are in vogue these days. One tool that makes it child’s play to easily do the profiling of granite countertop edge is diamond profile wheel. No matter what the edge profile you choose for your countertop,Granite Profile Bits to do Easy Profiling of Countertops Articles this diamond profile wheel does the job without damaging the surface.

The most popular of edge profile is the ½’’ bullnose though people also go for ½’’ bevel, 3’4’’ bevel and even a straight edge profile. With the help of diamond radius profile wheel, you can choose the edge profile you want in your countertop depending upon your liking, safety, and its functionality. However, you need to find the perfect bits for your diamond profile wheel to carry out the profiling of the edge of the countertop in an easy and efficient manner.

Stadea profiling bits are highly efficient and very durable
There are many companies making hand profiler bits to fit the diamond profile wheel. Stadea diamond tools are acknowledged as the best by those working in profiling industry because of their ease of use and high efficiency. Their bits are also prettydurable and do not cause any damage to the costly surface where profiling is required. These bits easily fit the diamond wheel and create demi radius half bullnose profile that looks elegant and enhances the décor of the kitchen. These bits are very versatile and help in creating edge profile in not just granite but also other surfaces such as marble, tile, terrazzo, and even concrete.

V 40 1 ½’’ 40 mm bit
V 40 1 ½’’ 40 mm bit is one of the two granite profile bits made by Stadea. It is a very versatile tool that can create perfect edges with dry as well as wet profiling. It has a 5/8’’ 11 or M14 threaded arbor to easily attach to your diamond profiling wheel. It can create the desired edge at very low speeds of the grinder. It can also be used with hand wet stone polisher. The holes in the profile wheel ensure continuous flow of water to keep the surface cool all the while. It makes use of vacuum brazed technology that ensures they are durable and can be used project after project. The bit is very aggressive and does profiling with ease. It is also extremely durable and lasts for a very long time.

B5 3/16’’ 5 mm bit
For specialized full bullnose edge profiling, you can buy Stadea B5 3/16’’ 5 mm profiler bit. It can create smooth edges in the style you prefer in a very professional manner with the diamond profile wheel that you are using. It aids in faster profiling while ensuring safety of the expensive granite countertop. The optimal RPM for creating edge profile with this tool is 1500 though you can go up to 3000 RPM for short time periods without any worries.

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