How Freddy Went From Flat Broke To A Healthy Monthly Income

Jan 17


Karen Barney

Karen Barney

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Internet marketing can be like quicksand. Most newbies tend to get stuck very easily. Find out how you could leap over the treacherous quicksand.


Ive been into internet marketing for quite a fair bit of time now.It started with a seminar,How Freddy Went From Flat Broke To A Healthy Monthly Income Articles and before I knew it, I was sucked in! Ive had my fair share of ups and downs, though thankfully everything is running fairly smoothly right now.Today though isnt about me.Its about a guy I met at the seminar.Its about how he, Freddy Fruciante, has been making a solid living online.Freddy, like most folks, had a day job.It paid him decently enough.But he really craved for the taste of financial freedom.He wanted nothing more than to be able to work from home, spend time with his family, wake up when he wanted to, take indefinite vacations, and so on.Im sure you can relate to this as well right? Of course, his first online business was a resounding failure.He thought he had done everything right! And to the untrained eye, his business model was actually quite decent.Needless to say, he was bummed.The good thing about Freddy is that he has the never-say-die attitude a lot of people lack.He worked on the business as hard as he could.He did his best to refine it.And after months of fine-tuning, he finally managed to make well, $247.54 in one month.Subsequent months reaped nothing, as usual.After yelling in frustration, and literally spouting out every swear word in the book, he ditched that campaign and moved on.This cycle went on for quite a while.Until finally, he came to he stumbled upon a goldmine.You see, Freddy lives in Boston.And when he found out that there are actually digital marketing agency, his heart stopped.Some of the Internet Marketing Agency he was looking at did it all! They offered services most start-up businesses would probably find extremely useful.There was search engine optimization, traffic generation, web design, product creation and of course, marketing.The package in its entirety could be a very helpful solution to many businesses.Why? Simple, because it takes your idea and mixes it with their technical know-how.The end result? If all goes well, like in Freddys case, a healthy monthly income.So what did Freddy do? He got one of them to work on one of his failed campaigns.And once that started ticking, he slowly turned all his other campaigns around.How much would an internet marketing company mean to youHealth Fitness Articles, and your business?