Inculcating art in business, a welcome change in real estate…

Jan 27




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This Article enlights with the upcoming trends in commercial real estate industry in 2016.


The Phoenix Art Guild House has come up as one of the most promising commercial properties in and around Mumbai. Set up in the heart of the city,Inculcating art in business, a welcome change in real estate… Articles the complex is a masterpiece created by Ar. Sinora Penkar for the Phoenix Marketcity. Being one of its kind, the complex is all complete to give a magic touch to the lifestyle of the people in Kurla as well as Mumbai. Considered to be one of the largest mixed style projects in the country, the Phoenix group looks forward to creating an unparalleled milestone in the history of real estate and commercial properties. The Art Guild House has earned quite name and fame in the media even before being completed.

Focusing on the aesthetics in a way like never before, the huge sprawling spaces at the AGH are a marvel that compel all from the masses to stop and stare. Each and every aspect of the build, be it the huge sprawling atria, the lavishly adorned lobby spaces, the enchanting lit floors and office spaces or any other corner of the complex, each part talks about its magnificence and leaves the viewer awestruck.

With the opening launch covered in big time newspapers such as the Midday and the Spicy Sangria ad hosted by Atul & Gayatri Ruia in May 2014, the Art Guild House has seen a lot many famous faces patronizing it for the taste of art and the aesthetics created by the architecture and the skilled workforce behind it. With a lot many structures placed as permanent fixtures and many others specially curated for certain events, the complex has also been a venue for a great many shows even before completion.

The structure houses an enormous façade with the interiors designed in a way to perfectly blend art into the uber corporate image that the Guild House would present. Located in the Phoenix Market City at the Bandra Kurla Complex, the House is already a landmark and is pulling in people from the niche strata of the population to house their offices spaces in the complex. With six levels of work spaces ranging from 900 to 4000 sq. feet, the complex contains huge lobbies that take the visitor to a completely different world. These intricately and artistically designed lobbies add up to the aesthetic quotient of the complex along with the great works of art by artists across the globe. The Art Guild House is in itself a wonder in a way that it enhance the concept of creating or instigating an interest for art and incorporating the same in the busy corporate world of today in a subtle yet efficient manner.

It is undoubted that the 200m footprint has definitely left a deep and strong impression in the way commercial offices complex are designed and is sure to inspire and motivate many architects and upcoming designs that look forward to creating something different and effective in this industry.