Niche Product Marketing: How To Elude Your Competition And Feed On Low Hanging Fruit

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One of the first horrible mistakes that newbie internet marketers run into is jumping into the deep end without learning how to swim or even stay afloat. This is a metaphor for tacking a niche that has ruthless competitors with years of experience. Such niches include golf,Guest Posting self-improvement, dating, and weight loss— among others. This article will give you an overview of niche product marketing and how you can harness it to make money without getting slaughtered by your competition. What is niche product marketing? It involved marketing products to niches that are “under the radar.” This includes esoteric niches such as “underwater basket weaving” and “underwater kickboxing” as hypothetical examples.  Niche product marketing in these markets do not require massive outlay of cash to get started and, since competition is minimal, there’s no need to have laser-sharp marketing strategies to trounce your competition. In other words, niche product marketing is way easier than jumping into a niche rife with competition. How to choose a market to exploit via niche product marketing? Think about your own interests and interests of other people you know. Niche product marketing needn’t be tough if you can think of a viable niche that you can market products to. To gauge your competition to see if your marketing can be exploited via niche product marketing, type your niche phrase into Google and take a look at the left hand side. These are called Adwords ads and are indicative of whether or not customers in that niche are willing to spend money. Are there existing products being sold in the Adwords space via niche product marketing? If so, you can guarantee that the market is full of buyers and the chances of making money via niche product marketing are high. If you don’t see any competing ads, you can guarantee that the niche is not a “money niche” and that you won’t have any luck making money via niche product marketing. So, once you find a niche, what to do to find great key phrases to utilize niche product marketing on? Of you plan to advertise via Adwords, it is a good idea to find a keyword with 3-20 ads. Anything more and the competition is too rife with niche product marketing. Anything less, and there isn’t enough competition. Remember, in niche product marketing, competition is good. This flies in the face of inexperienced niche product marketers, but competition is a sign that money is to be made. Otherwise, the advertisers wouldn’t be shelling out a lot of money to advertise via niche product marketing. Niche product marketing is the perfect strategy for inexperienced marketers to get their feet wet and test the (sometimes turbulent) waters of online marketing. Of course, once you mastered the art of niche product marketing, you can graduate to more challenging internet marketing ventures and remember niche product marketing as the strategy that let you “whet your beak” at internet marketing. To find out how you can take niche product marketing to another level then head on over Conquer Your Niche to discover niche product marketing secrets nobody knows about.

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