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Wes Blaylock is an "idea guy" and direct ... making a nice living off of the ... recent success, The Instant Visitors ... at ... ...

Wes Blaylock is an "idea guy" and direct response
marketer making a nice living off of the Internet.

His recent success,Guest Posting The Instant Visitors Private
Program at has
acheived rave reviews from heavy-hitting marketers
because of it's uniqueness and profit-producing

Nickname: none

Age: 21

Birth Date: 04/22/80

From: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Present Residence: Richmond, Virginia

Name Of High School/College: Cox High School
drop out. No college.

First Full/Part-time Job: Part-time dish-washer.

Marital Status: Single

Number Of Children: 0

Number Of Pet(s): 2

Pet Type(s)/Name(s): Sage and Emma, brother/
sister Labs

Computer: A Gateway 1 Ghz, 512 Megs RAM, 60
Gig HD is my main one. I have 2 others.

Years In Business: Since 1998

No.1 Marketing Strategy: Joint Ventures And Email/
Ezine Marketing.

Most Prized Possession: My Drumset/Guitar/Music

Indoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: Shooting pool,
anything to do with music, reading.

Outdoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: The beach,
water-sports, cook-outs.

Favorite Software/Video Game: Umm, Twisted
Metal Black!

Favorite TV Show(s): I liked Seinfeld when it was

Favorite Movie(s): Braveheart and The Usual

Favorite Book(s): For marketing- anything by John
Caples or Dan Kennedy, otherwise- Watership

Favorite Food(s): Seafood!

Favorite Beverage(s): Black and Tan

Favorite Actor(s)/Actress(s): I don't really have any.
I like Benicio Del-torro (spelling?) lately though.
Julia Roberts is always good.

Favorite Music Artist(s)/Group(s): Way too many
to list here! But I'll name a quick 3: Metallica, Rush,
Jim Croce. How's that for variety? :-)

Favorite Sport Athlete(s)/Team(s): Chipper Jones/
Atlanta Braves.

Favorite Color(s): Green!

Favorite Place(s) To Visit: Anything tropical.

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