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To give your next event that personal touch right from the get-go, postcard invitations are the way to go. 

To give your next event that personal touch right from the get-go,Guest Posting postcard invitations are the way to go. Whereas commercial, mass produced cards are a fill in the blanks task, invitational postcards can be anything you want them to be.

Invitations are the one time where you are free, maybe even encouraged, to put as much information as you want on the postcard... So you end up creating invites with flair! Of course, you don't want to be answering the same questions over and over every time you get an RSVP.

State any applicable dress codes or gift registries, or even throw in your favorite poem right on the front. As for visuals - use your imagination!

Over The Top Postcard Invitations

Photos are always a well-loved idea, and budding artists can draw their own designs. If they're for your child's birthday party, let the children get involved in the decorating process. Stickers, glitter, or stamps are all they need, and they'll absolutely love the arts and crafts project.

Kid’s drawings make great postcard invitations

Make use of specialty scissors to create a jagged or patterned card border. Many postcard templates are out there where the only whiff of creativity you'll need is when choosing the design and layout. An example of birthday party postcard invitations and a less complex yet still attractive baby shower invite.

Given this amount of free will, it's easy to get carried away!

Remember in the end that the invitations will be mailed. Anything that has been glued on, or even faulty stickers might come off when going through the mail machine or through transportation. Use permanent inks or similar 'clean' drawing mediums if sketching your own patterns.

Quick Tip - The actual addressing and mailing may have to be done manually by you, but if you've ordered your postcards online, many companies offer a mailing service at an extra charge, where you upload a mailing list and they will be sent out for you.

Improvise Those Postcards

While they are an economical alternative to the standard card, postcard styled invitations is not for everybody.

They tend to suggest a more casual feel to your event, so be sure that's the message you want to send out - definitely think twice before using them as wedding invites. They're best suited as invites to parties, barbeques and the like.

Don't forget about thank you postcards as well! Once the party is done and over, it's a courteous idea to let your guests know that their presence and any gifts they brought were appreciated. These are especially good for any guests you don't see that often and won't have a chance to give your regards in person.

Thank you postcards don't have to be overly fancy, just a nice message on a printed design will do. The recipient will be touched by the sentiment, no matter how simple.

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